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Is this combo good?

MineguyMineguy Member Posts: 318

Surge, ruin, Surveillance and BBQ

BBQ because of bloodpoints and the aura effect is nice

Ruin for gen slowdown

Surveillance to see when they hop back on gens

Surge for an extra reduce of gen progress with and without ruin, combines with Surveillance when ruin is broken.



    I would remove ruin for corrupt or something that matches your killer

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,966

    On what killer?

  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 2,224

    Well, its information overkill, but you use BBQ for the points. Which killer?

  • DawnMadDawnMad Member Posts: 1,030

    It's an okay build, I wouldn't use Ruin without Undying and you can do better than Surveillance. Maybe Discordance or Tinkerer.

  • PureHostilityPureHostility Member Posts: 692

    Okay build that suits Legion. Not much more than that, quite the "basic #########" type of a deal.

    Should work nicely.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,277

    I think it's a good build.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 7,129

    Pop is stronger then surge. I use Pop, Ruin, Survillence,BBQ.

    I did anyways..It was bugged recently..So no clue if it's fixed yet. But I do love survillence so much.

  • PureHostilityPureHostility Member Posts: 692

    Surge is passive, pop is proactive.

    Sometimes kicking a gen is a waste of the time you could put onto pressuring others. Even if pop eats that 25% off, these 15-20 seconds you spent on going there and kicking the gen could be spent better.

    Sometimes you need to try weird things, such as kot kicking gens, to see if it is as impactful as you always thought.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 7,129

    Fair enough..I use mobile characters a lot. Nurse, blight, wraith, Freddy. So kicking gens doesn't hurt as much. I can catch up no issues. Freddy is sort of the outlier there that can't catch up as fast

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    On a killer that m1's to damage, yes. Spirit and Hag especially would do well, but Nurse would also be good.

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 3,469

    Legion already gets much information by default. I'd not use to many tracking Perks.

    Rather use slowdown and chase Perks since they suck at chasing. First hit is quite easy but getting that 2nd hit as a normal M1 Killer can be decently challenging against good Survivors.

    My build would look something like this:

    1. Discordance (to know where to go at the start, apply injuries around more Survivors)

    2. Hex: Ruin (force Survivors of gens when Discordance triggers)

    3. Pop goes the Weasel (in case Ruin gets cleansed, you have backup. Undying could work too but both can be cleansed, leaving you with 0 gen defence. With Pop you will always have something.

    4. Bamboozle (like I said, use some Chase Perk on them since they suck at chases. There are other options as well. Hex: Crowd Control works similar to Bamboozle, Enduring or Brutal Strength are quite weak for Legion. With Bamboozle you can force pallets more easily.

  • Luciferr_2ndLuciferr_2nd Member Posts: 910

    Ruin is very risky without undying so either bring undying or replace ruin with something else

  • gilgamergilgamer Member Posts: 1,994

    depends on the killer, any m1 heavy killer it would be fine on but killers that can use alternate attacks to down wouldn't get much use out of surge and I'd switch it out for something better for the whatever killer you decide to use. Ruin is also a weighted coin flip that's not in your odds, especially if you run it by itself so if your positive you want to run it I'd suggest running undying with it.

    I'd also argue that tinkerer pairs better with ruin the surveillance especially since it glows yellow now once the gen regresses down to 0% for some reason, unsure if its a bug or not, but it will trip you up sometimes needlessly so I'd stick away from surveillance in general for now

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