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Why you don't heal against Legion

In my sad experience in solo queue, I have seen many things. Farming off hooks, people cleansing against Plague with No Mither, people running No Mither, gotten sandbagged, etc, etc.

But for reasons I don't understand, I still get teammates that heal against Legion. I don't mean healing to go for an unhook or if they're dead on hook—that's perfectly fine and reasonable. Better off wasting a little bit of time than being dead, and if you're injured, going for a save is suicide.

The problem isn't just how easily he can injure you. It's how much time you're spending just on healing. For example, Deathslinger is capable of inflicting DW, just like Legion, and is considered to be one of the better anti-healing killers because of it.

But why's that? Why does DW make such a difference?

It takes 12 seconds to mend. That's the same amount of time to snap out of it or search a single jigsaw box. Not terribly long, though it can start adding up if the Legion absolutely hates your guts and wants to slow the game to crawl by DW-ing you over and over ad nauseam.

The real kicker, however, comes when you heal. Let's say you get a teammate to start touching your butt after a gen pops. How much time are you taking healing?

Including the time mending (assuming you mend yourself because altruistic mending never happens), you have 12 secs + 16 secs healing. This adds up to 28 seconds of just healing. For comparison, Sloppy Butcher increases a heal to 20 seconds. Yeah, 8 more seconds than a Sloppy Butcher heal.

Are you a Claudette that believes in the power of self-caring? Congrats, because you're killing your team. 32 seconds of healing, plus 12 of mending. That's 44 seconds... of just healing. Once more, Mangled Self Care is 40.

Speaking of Sloppy and Mangled, you're not safe from that either. Defaced Smiley Pin was buffed, remember? You're mangled until healed. What does that mean?

12-sec mend + 20 seconds of raw healing. That's 32 seconds. Congrats. You basically self-cared. And you know what people think of self-care.

Speaking of which, 40 seconds of healing with the 12 sec mend? Are you trying to kill your team? That's 52 seconds? You are doing more for the killer than they are themselves!

Did I mention the mend add-ons yet? No? Welp, Legion has 2. They increase the time you spend holding M1 without so much as a skillcheck from 12 secs to 13.5, 14.5, and 16 (stacked).

And since I brought him up, Slinger is worse. 12 to 13.5, 15.5, and 17 (stacked).

Don't think I'm saying, "never heal against Legion." Sometimes, you have to. Someone has to go for the rescues. If you're dead on hook, it's often too risky to remain a one-shot. If it's endgame, you have all the time you need. If you get unhooked and the person has We'll Make It, obviously mending isn't a concern and speedy heals are speedy heals.

Otherwise, please... stop healing unnecessarily against Legion. You're basically handing the game to them.


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