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What is your propositions to rework Trickster?



  • Yogerman1997Yogerman1997 Member Posts: 346
    edited June 2021

    +normal speed

    -less knifes

    +able to hold main event

    -take longer to charge main event


  • SirGandoSirGando Member Posts: 374
    edited June 2021

    Make him 115%

    Would be a lazy buff, but better than nothing. I dont care much though cause i dont like his design in general.

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 2,107

    This. I don't understand why you are forced to use it or lose it in few seconds. It's usualy not even that good unless you are out of blades or Survivor is totaly in the open space.

  • aroellaroell Member Posts: 477

    There is no way of buffing his current power without making him trash to play against. He needs a whole rework.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 4,454

    Have lacerations only go down when in chase meaning you can spread the pain a bit more and doing so actually makes sense. It'd add some strategy to him and some interesting counterplay for survivors (i.e. getting into chase with him on purpose when he's otherwise occupied)

  • PureDoctorMainPureDoctorMain Member Posts: 341

    Just up his movement speed, make main event not only active for 10 seconds maybe like 30-45 seconds maybe even let it stay until you need it, and fix the recoil on console. Boom I touch him again.

  • eric_alrasid17eric_alrasid17 Member Posts: 119

    His main event is his problem, it always active when survivor is just -1 or -2 laceration meter left. Make it active whenever he want. And maybe reduce the laceration to 6.

  • bgbombbgbomb Member Posts: 434

    Let him can down a survivor after 8 knife no metter the health state.

  • just_temejust_teme Member Posts: 190

    make him purchasable skin for huntress as huntress did everything well

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