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Dowsey’s Killer Statistics

justad00djustad00d Member Posts: 219

This is kind of a follow up to a thread I made awhile ago regarding Scott Jund’s comments that <1% of teams are good.

In his latest video discussing MMR, Dowsey showed a spreadsheet of his killer stats. For someone who is considered a very strong killer main and statistically one of the most winningest players in DBD, his 4K rates for most killers fall around 70-80% with an expected equivalent average kill rate. Lose rates approach 20% for some killers.

I think this shows that Scott’s comments are pretty far off. And outside s-tier killers, if you’re getting 70%+ 4Ks, you’re doing a damn good job.


  • justad00djustad00d Member Posts: 219

    He doesn’t break down 3k, 2k, 1k, 0k rates, but if he had a 72% 4K rate with average kill rate of 3.5, you can play with the numbers yourself and see how it works out. One way could be out of every 100 kills that he’s getting 72 4Ks, 15 3Ks, 5 2Ks, 5 1Ks, 3 0Ks, just as an example. This would be more in line with my original statement that it seems somewhere around 5-10% of teams are tough. <1% just seems like a silly statement, especially in light now of Dowsey’s stats.

  • SleepyWilloSleepyWillo Member Posts: 1,936

    If we're just making up the rest then you could also say he 3ks 28% with no 2k, 1k or 0k.

    Note: I haven't found the stats you're referencing. It just seems wrong to make up your own figures to suit a narrative.

  • justad00djustad00d Member Posts: 219

    If <1% of teams are good, then one of the best killer mains in the game should have higher than 75% 4K and 90% win rate averages. If Dowsey is losing in 10% of the games, and if Dowsey is one of the top killer mains, then the percent of strong teams is definitely higher than <1%.

  • SleepyWilloSleepyWillo Member Posts: 1,936

    If Mr is working correctly and we accept your statement that he is one of the best killers, shouldn't he be paired with some of the best survivors? shouldn't he be averaging a 2k average against the best survivors in the game?

  • selflessneaselflessnea Member Posts: 460

    There are many aspects to this data that need to be flushed out. Obviously not every game he played was him in try hard mode (or atleast I don't think so, sorry I don't watch him all the time). Also you have to factor in key escapes at 2 and 1 gen left.

  • justad00djustad00d Member Posts: 219

    Uh, no, because that would not be in line with his average kill rate for the example I was giving. It will be roughly like something I posted. You could change some 0k to 1k, but to make the math work for the average kill rate, you’d have to move some 2k down to 1k or something along those lines.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 10,662
    edited June 2021

    This would indicate that Dowsey can only lose against Top 1%-Teams. Which is simply not true.

    I played several times against and with Dowsey - and while I think he won more games than he lost when I was Survivor, we escaped a few times. And I play 2 man SWF at max. And I am far off from being a Top 1%-Survivor.

    Even strong Killer Mains like Dowsey can lose against regular Survivors. Rarely, but it is possible.

  • justad00djustad00d Member Posts: 219

    Obv it’s not working exactly. In the last MMR, he did have to wait over 2 hours to get in a match with a comp team when playing a s-tier killer.

  • justad00djustad00d Member Posts: 219

    Yeah, this is my point. I’ve played against multiple highly regarded killer mains as well, and I’m definitely nowhere near top <1% as a survivor. I think pretty solid top 5-10% teams are going to give most non-s-tier killers some struggles, especially if they are playing weaker killers on bad killer maps.

  • Red_BeardRed_Beard Member Posts: 550

    Are the 72% 4k and 3.5 kill rate stats over all killers or just 1 in particular? Is it only with strong builds or are his no build, chat's stupid builds, meme builds included in this?

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 10,662

    I guess Scott means tournament-teams with that. And those are indeed rare, there are like a dozen in the whole world. Those are basically the teams where you have to be a godlike Nurse to have a chance to win. But everything else is usually beatable with most of the Killers.

    And regular teams with every Killer.

  • justad00djustad00d Member Posts: 219

    This was just an example. Not the weakest, I think lowest was around 67%. Average is probably around 75%. These were averages of all his games. Most killers had 200-300 games each. I’m sure a small percent was meme builds for donations, sure.

  • Red_BeardRed_Beard Member Posts: 550

    When I watch him, he is constantly doing challenges that require him to have no build, or he has a new account and doesn't have many perks unlocked. He did a whole stream and Youtube video where he asked chat to give him the dumbest builds they could think of. I'm sure that is skewing the number somewhat.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 4,125

    It's all relative. "Good" to someone who plays the game for a living or someone who plays for money is going to be different than "good relative to the average player". Dowsey, Scott, etc, are outliers.

  • justad00djustad00d Member Posts: 219

    Seriously doubt his hardcore killer series matches are included in this, but if they are, they would improve his stats.

  • justad00djustad00d Member Posts: 219

    Scott would still have to be much better than Dowsey for his statements to be true for him, which I don’t think he is.

    In short, I’m just saying Scott is exaggerating and being overly negative/insulting, which seems fairly typical for him. 99% of survivor teams are not bad players. Killers shouldn’t feel bad if they are 4King only 70% of their matches. This is above average and pretty good for some killers. That’s all.

  • Red_BeardRed_Beard Member Posts: 550

    I'm not sure how him having an opinion that he believes only 1% of survivor teams in public matches are good equates to him being negative/insulting. It is ok for you to disagree with his comment and say you disagree, but it seems your true motive with this thread was just to bash him.

    I don't agree with everything Scott says and does, but I don't see how making more statements to add to the drama helps.

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 1,065

    I'd be interested in winrates with MMR on. Scott said his games are very challenging. Last time mmr was on, killer was unplayable for me. Im worried that there will be even less killers willing to play top teams NONSTOP. But if top killers like Scott, Dowsey, Zubat etc can still manage a great winrate against great survivor teams, that would be motivation enough to git gut.

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 1,200

    Just because I wanted some context, I went and took a screenshot of the spreadsheet that OP is referring to (the black box in the corner is where the face cam overlapped the sheet). You can also go watch Dowsey's video here if you like (this sheet shows up within the first couple minutes).

    His average 4k rate across all 23 killers that are currently live looks to be about 77.7%. Which is probably pretty good; not that I have any other average 4k stats to compare it with. He seems to have the greatest success with Twins and Trickster, and the least success with Huntress and Pyramid Head (his Clown performs decently well, but is also 3rd-worst for pure 4k's).

    Though I was under the impression that Scott's comment was mainly in regards to SWF groups, not survivor teams in general. Based on my memory, his opinion was that most SWF groups aren't actually super skilled players and are instead usually just a bunch of friends who wanted to play the game together. 1% might be an underestimation, but it was really just felt like a vague approximation to sum up his point.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773

    I seem to remember him playing Twins so much in the last MMR test that he actively could no longer find games. And if he did it was a literal 4 man troll toolbox "Tee hee lets spend more time in the lobby then in game" teams.

  • Exerath1992Exerath1992 Member Posts: 1,035

    You're not taking into account that a SIGNIFICANT number of his games, he has given himself extra rules. Like the grandmaster adept challenge where he uses no perks, no add ons, no offerings and has to double pip. Simply trying to get the double pip changes his playstyle drastically because you have to be merciful to get merciless killer, such as a minimum of 9 hooks, so he contests unhook less.

    Or sometimes he's using "dumb builds" made by his chat or just meme builds like "crouchface" or "backpack demo"

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 1,279

    I mean your average killrate is going to be around 75% if you master the killer. there's always outliers though where one killer is your best and another killer is your worst. Dowsey is significantly better than most killers players though. who knew that a killer that is based off 4 man slugging(Twins) is that strong. I always knew 4 man slugging was powerful, just didn't know it was that powerful. it makes sense, i struggle playing vs that play style the most as survivor. Its like watching your team crumble like pin balls and than you sucked into it for trying save your team like a black hole.

  • Animal_MotherAnimal_Mother Member Posts: 148

    I would love to see win rates post-MMR for good killer mains like Dowsey. I'm guessing it would be much different than this.

  • realflashbossrealflashboss Member Posts: 209

    Even if you give allowance for his kill rates to be off significantly, this overall just proves how NOT survivor sided the game is otherwise even as a top killer he would barely ever get 4ks.

    The reality is if you're good at killer you can and should be able to win most game against people at a similar level!

  • RenRenRenRen Member Posts: 937

    You also gotta note that Dowsey plays at the highest level. The people he goes against most of the time aren't.

  • DeadByLegionDeadByLegion Applicant Posts: 88

    Im sure he knows his current stats, and people have asked him in his streams, but he is probably reluctant to share because they make him look weak. Not good for his channel. He’s still a really good player, obviously, but it’s hard to have great stats when you’re only matched against good survivors.

    I shared this with Animal Mother IRL, but my killer stats dropped significantly. Im a pretty decent Legion main. My 100 game 4K average prior to MMR was 87% with a pretty high overall kill rate. Average gen completion was like 2.3. In the last 100 games under MMR (minus games with cheaters), my 4K rate dropped to 68%. Average gens complete is like 4.1 now. Crazy! I was curious about that Pro Vengeance guy too and compiled some stats from his games. His 4K percent dropped from low 90s to in the 80-85% range after MMR went into effect, but he started using mostly killers who are strong camper or have broken addons to deal with the change.

    I disagree with the person who said Dowsey’s stats snow the game is killer-sided. I think it shows the opposite. If you’re a top 1% player, you should win against 99% of the teams IMO. Dowsey only winning against 80% of the people or whatever and now really struggling just shows how imbalanced the game is in survivors’ favor in the upper echelons.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 6,624

    This thread was made before SBMM.

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