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A hacker as a killer

BigBayBubbaBigBayBubba Member Posts: 37
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This just came to my head: what about a hacker killer how would that work ? what if he have the power to break the fourth wall like messing up the whole HUD i don't know

if you guys have any concept idea pls post it

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  • shadowman0105shadowman0105 Member Posts: 261

    one of the abilities they can do (this can be a add on) is when a survivor works on a gen their aura is revealed and their repair progress is slowed.

  • Magicmaster0702Magicmaster0702 Member Posts: 187

    Either their power or addons should change different aspects. Like on addon can screw with portraits either showing all healthy or other weird stuff. While the amount of gens number changing would be cool it would useless against SWF. Actually the whole killer would be if it just messes with the HUD.

  • PsyQuil77PsyQuil77 Member Posts: 130

    Give him addons that make him look like other killers with Hud elements to match, but plays like a different killer. Each addon slot could only take 1 type of his 2 addons. example 1:

    Addon A: appearance of Trickster w/ random laceration hits showing on HUD every 10 sec

    Addon B: Powers of Clown and base speed to match.

    example 2:

    Addon A: Appearance and HUD of Freddy

    Addon B: Powers and speed of Nurse

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