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Please Change Devout Emblem to Work With Executioner's Power

vladspellbindervladspellbinder Member Posts: 310
edited June 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

So either sending someone to a Cage or using Final Judgement doesn't count as a Hook for the Devout Emblem, even though they give Bloodpoints in the Sacrifice category. Why am I being punished by the Emblem System for using my Power?

I just had a The Tormentor Executioner game where I double hooked three people, hooked and caged one person and Giant Knifed a toxic Cheryl. I downed everyone left alive one more time but let them reset and escape. Come the score screen I'm expecting a Silver Devout but instead there is only my typical Bronze.

Now, I normally get Bronze because I tend to let everyone leave alive and anything better than a Bronze requires a sacrifice. But I had a kill this time so I thought I'd get a Silver.

Doing the math I: Hooked everyone at least once + 1; had 7 Hooks, 1 Cage, and 1 Knife so if Cages and Knife Kills were hooks that would be 9 Hooks which is another + 1; as well as One Kill + 2 for a total of 4 points, which is Silver.

So is this just a case of The Tormentor Executioner not being a good Killer to try and Rank Up with because the Emblem System punishes the use of your Power? If I had gotten that Silver I would have Pipped.

I understand that by being a "Nice Killer" I'm not going to be Pipping often but I'd at least like the games where I get toxic people to kill to help me along more consistently.

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