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Not ranking up? Bug?

NekowaveNekowave Member Posts: 2
edited June 2021 in Bug Reporting

Hey I have encountered this today, I had a match earlier today and I got a pip up but I had no rank progression because it says I'm rank 20 on the pip results tab? (But I'm rank 4) would like to know what this issue is and if there is a fix or if anyone else is having this issue. I attached a picture below. I am also on xbox one. Also the picture I attached was not the game I got a pip up on, I didn't get to take a picture of that.

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  • NekowaveNekowave Member Posts: 2

    I just got back online and this was my last game played.. end results make no sense. Would really like help.

  • nooway9108nooway9108 Member Posts: 11

    Same here! Ranking system doesn't work at all. I should be rank 1 instead it gave me like 40 rounds in a row +0 and I received a derank from red to purple. I am back in red now but the rank systen wants me now to go to green or yellow I dunno.

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,144

    Rank for me has been bugged ever since the SBMM test. I pipped over 10 times and I'm still stuck at Rank 14 Tier 3. Like how? Lol.

    Also @nooway9108 please upvote this post so the devs or Community managers can see like @Mcote_BHVR @mcote @not_Queen @Peanits @Almo cause this bug is just kinda stupid imo.

  • 28STABWOUNDS28STABWOUNDS Member Posts: 374

    Me too, I haven't been pipping even though it says I have on the endgame screen.

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