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The Legion - Too weak

Wolff_BringerWolff_Bringer Member Posts: 90
edited December 2018 in 2.4.0 PTB

Greetings fellow Survivor and killer, and maybe the slaves of the Entity,

i want to talk about the new Killer "The Legion".

It is an amazing killer from the style and the ability to "change" his appearance. He can either be male or female and later on maybe even have 4 different people behind one killer.
This is interesting and actually pretty damn cool.

His power is sprinting and jumping windows, and make a 1.5 hit. The ability inflicts a deep wound that lets survivor bleed to the ground. And when you hit one survivor with the Deep Wound effect, the ability is recharged and you can run to the next survivor that has not a deep wound because when they are in your terror radius you see their heart beating.
It is pretty neat and the animation are pretty pretty amazing. Love the jumping and the ability to outrun a survivor!

The problem with the Deep Wound is the point that the ability is "useless" unless you moonwalk the one survivor and are just ignoring the others, even when they dont have the Deep Wound effect.
But why is that?
Well, the ability states that when in a chase the timer stops. The second thing bad about Deep Wound (and his ability) is that hitting a survivor WITH Deep Wound gives you a hefty stun and you DONT kill the survivor. You stab on the wound to let the survivor bleed faster. (It depletes some of the deep wound timer)
The next problem i see with Deep Wound is, the survivor affected by Deep Wound can heal himself easily, it stops the timer and he can just heal himself back.

Of course the ability shouldnt be an insta kill or be massivly op since its not fun to play against him then (like playing against The Cannibal with him running).

I have some suggestions how to change him and maybe make him "A BIT" stronger and NOT OP.
The problem with him is that he cant kill survivors with the power and the power is useless after the survivor is wounded.
I understand the fact that this ability is used to inflict the deep wound status effect.
The problem here is the status effect "Deep Wound" and not the ability itself in an extend.
Deep Wound has many flaws and the power even makes it worse.
The problems are:

Deep Wound can be healed by yourself -> Makes the ability to see other survivors that arent affected useless since if you run away the other survivor can simply stitch himself up.

The ability isnt affected by the status effect "Exposed" -> Makes the Perk with the lockers completly useless for "The Legion". Makes the perk "Hex: No one escapes Death" also completly useless for "The Legion".
This is especially a problem because of two reasons: Why even give him an ability that has the status effect "Exposed" if he cant use it with his ability.
Secondly after exit gates are opened the best way to counter this is with NOT using his ability. But here is the other problem: He is way to slow to NOT use his ability. (Dont get me wrong, they shouldnt raise his movement speed)

The ability isnt rewarded enough -> Yeah, you can outrun survivors with the ability,. You ignore palletts and windows pretty easily. But why waste your ability to ignore palletts if you CANT kill the person behind the pallet EVEN when he is wounded?
You WONT get much time of jumping over the pallett. Its more rewarded when you destroy the pallet and then walk normaly after him.

Completly no reason to use this ability when a person is wounded. And that IS pretty bad.

The first thing that has to change is the ability to heal the Deep Wound by yourself. Right now you can heal yourself completly and that is bad for the killer, since the ability to see survivors is useless. (because the other can heal himself easily)
The Deep Wound gets 2 timers, the one is how much blood has been dropped (if this goes into zero the survivor drops on the ground) and the state how much the survivor can heal the bar back up.
Because the survivor affected by Deep Wound CANT heal himself completly back up BUT can refill the bar to an extend.
The timer will always drop down and while you are healing it STILL drops down, but you heal the "blood timer" up.
The other timer, the new one depleteds slower with the ability to increase the timer drop by some addons.

You HAVE to get another survivor to completly stitch you up. You can refill the bar but instead of healing yourself and have endless time, you have the ability to give yourself some more time.

The question here: Why is it funny on BOTH sides?
The survivor now has the ability to still hold himself up but with the timer in the back to find another survivor (its like a small new objective)
And now the Killer has a meaningful power, since now you have a reason to walk to other survivors and inflict the deep wound status on them. (and yes, a deep wound person can heal another deep wound person and BOTH timers stops)

Two ideas how to get the exposed effect worked for him but doesnt make it an insta kill:

The second thing to change on the Legions abilty is the fact that the hit isnt affected by the exposed status effect.
Why give a killer a perk he cant use? (The Perk where survivors suffer from the exposed status effect when coming out of a locker)
since his ability isnt affected by that.
Of course, the exposed status effect shouldnt be the same. Here, if a survivor suffers from the exposed status effect the killer inflicts the normal damage and the Deep Wound effect BUT the survivor cant refill the bar anymore. He instantly has to find another survivor to stitch the wound up.

The second idea i have is that the Legion inflicts normal damage, a normal Deep Wound effect BUT if the Legion hits the survivor again the bar drops WAY More. With the right addons its an insta down for the survivor after the second hit but JUST with the addons its insta (because other wise it would be too op)

The third thing that should be then be completly alone with other changes is the ability to stab the same survivor more often.
So the ability is some way of "insta hit" without it being and insta hit.
Of course then the ability has to change more.
If the legion hits the same survivor the bar refills a bit that can be higher when used with addons.
Disable the ability to see other survivors. With that, makes the vision FOCUSED on the survivor. Blur the vision to make him more focused.
Disable the ability to see scratch marks.
Maybe make his speed a little slower but refill the bar a little bit if he jumps over obstacles.

These are mine ideas about this Killer. Maybe i will add some other changes.

The killer is really fun to play but the problem stays that you are to weak to make the end game fun. Loosing games isnt fun for killers.
And i know, a killer shouldnt be the next killer to play on Rank 1. And im pretty much fine with that, that would destroy other killers. That is NOT the way killers should be made.
Killers should be made to be fun, balanced but still worth to play.

So these are my ideas and if you, the slaves of the entity, like my ideas i would love to hear from you.


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