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Why is the FPS Capped on DBD?

agonizingagonizing Member Posts: 132

Does anyone have an idea? Also, does uncapping it result in a ban, or is it necessarily a bannable offense?


  • WoodywoolWoodywool Member Posts: 658

    The devs will not ban you if you use script that unlocks your amount of fps.

    EAC (anti cheat system) can do it but I NEVER heard that somebody got banned because of it.

  • TheBus4KTheBus4K Member Posts: 256

    I was with the 60fps cap for a year, then I saw that it could be removed. There are a lot of videos on Google, and it's basically removing VSync on a file and doing something else.

    I have been with the fps for 2 years without the cap and I haven't been banned, although it doesn't make sense that they can ban for this. Someone with a screen like mine with 165Hz becomes unbearable to play at 60Hz, it doesn't make sense that there is a cap.

    If they don't remove the cap themselves with a game option it is basically for the same reason that there is no slider to change the POV, because the DBD programmers leave a lot to be desired or the developers are too proud to make changes to things which are obvious that they are out of date. The POV that the DBD has in 2021 is not even normal, but the developers don't care.

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,288

    The Devs/Mods will always say that you edit files at your own risk and if you get banned they can't unban you. But I (and I presume many others) have had their FPS uncapped (or capped to 120 FPS) since 2016/2017 with no issues at all. In fact I've known of a mod (or former mod?) suggesting they've uncapped their FPS too.

  • UseTheValveUseTheValve Member Posts: 338

    Since they let everyone uncap the FPS without any bad at this point I would said POV has nothing to do with FPS, it's just something they have yet to come around like colorblind mode which took 5 years. They probably won't change FOV but I wouldn't be surprised if they do had options for the graphics menu someday.

    You'll have to edit the INI file, always played DBD (4 years now) with unlocked FPS and custom settings and never got banned, you'll be fine.

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