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Evil Incarnate achievement unlocked

RyuzakiRyuzaki Member Posts: 676

This achievement really tested my patience but I finally managed to unlock it today. I've been focusing on achievements over the past couple of weeks to keep myself occupied until the Resident Evil DLC is released.

Anyone else have any funny stories to share regarding this achievement?


  • CornHubCornHub Member Posts: 1,864

    I've had the achievement for a while, but whenever I play tombstone myers, people still DC & message me saying they aren't gonna let me get the achievement. The last time I played tombstone myers, the Dwight I was chasing tried to jump in a locker, but another Dwight was inside.

  • Alice_pbgAlice_pbg Member Posts: 5,066

    Took me a while aswell... but eventually I got it.

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,082

    Well done, this achievement in particular can be a nightmare to get!

  • RyuzakiRyuzaki Member Posts: 676

    That's hilarious, the locker should have an occupied sign for Dwights.

  • GaffyGaffy Member Posts: 222

    I somehow managed to get it first try (and first time I ever used dual iri addons on michael), was on family residence.

  • RyuzakiRyuzaki Member Posts: 676

    Thanks @MandyTalk. I enjoyed completing the survivor adepts as I used perks I would never normally equip.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,608

    when I attempted it the first time I didn’t use both Iridescent addons but that one Ultra rare addon so that I can’t even get to tier 3 often enough to get this achievement done.. the survs we’re pretty new but also super chill and the match was actually fun, but I realized this after I killer 2 and felt still super scummy and let the others finish the remaining gens and get out.

    After that I wasn’t that lucky anymore, got it 3 days later or so. Though most of the time I was just too slow and failed because the survs just played well. No one was really jumping in lockers to avoid this or anything..

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,082

    yeah I do, that's why I've enjoyed a lot of the tome challenges - I used perks that even in over 3k hours I'd never used before.

  • DiamondAndGoldDiamondAndGold Member Posts: 21

    Haven't unlocked it yet, but congrats! That challenge is a nightmare to get.

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 1,120

    I surprisingly got it on my first actual attempt. Almost failed it though cause they had all the gens done by the time I popped tier 3. Ended up killing one then lunging and downing the others so I could pick them up carry them away from the gate and let them wiggle off so I could kill them one by one.

  • Harold_ShipmanHarold_Shipman Member Posts: 733

    Myers was my first killer, so I got it very early on; it's pretty easy to get in the lower ranks

  • kisfenkinkisfenkin Member Posts: 358

    I recently got this one for a second time, too, because PS5 trophies didn't transfer from PS4. It was rough, and like others the first few games I had players DC immediately once they knew what was up. The end game collapse didn't exist last time I got it, either, so that was difficult to plan around. Also, players I faced would try their hardest to hide in lockers during a chase, just to stop you from getting the kill. Shape should be able to kill survivors from the dying state with this.

    For other players working on this still, learn how to get Myers to attack rather than grab for the kill, then (after killing two) down the third and fourth survivors, preferably separate from one another. Pick the one that's closest to the hatch up and drop them until they are standing again, then kill one. Close the hatch. Kill the last. Burning a 'hatch will spawn' offering helped me find the hatch, too.

    The only trophy that might be as difficult as this one is downing with hatchets from a long distance. I hated getting that one the first time and have no intention of redoing it. At least Evil Incarnate was fun to do.

    Yesterday I was working on Ghost Face markings for a daily and the tome challenge of hooking your obsession (stockpiling blood for today), and I accidentally got adept. I had no intention of trying so hard, but the survivors were sweaty, going for every flashlight save and stun they could get, while also trying to body block every hooking.Needless to say I can't remember a more satisfying killer match. I got six out of my 15 obsession hooks, finished my daily, and got adept.

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