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Bot lobbies have to become like mobile.

Select any survivor/killer you want and use perks, addons and overings

50% bloodpoints of a normal match

Bots difficulty are matched to your rank or skill.

The mobile version is doing it like that! The Mobile version!

Bhvr knows that more and more killers are leaving and the queue times are terrible. Just give us a good trainings mode like the mobile version, it's not so hard.


  • _VTK__VTK_ Member Posts: 227

    It is hard, making unique AI for each existing and future killer power and perk. Maybe they can create a generic killer for offline games.

  • Maxthewicked100Maxthewicked100 Member Posts: 29

    They could do it for mobile and that was on a tiny device which was free. I see absolutely no reason for it to be on PC as well. Way I see it you're just looking for this game to just be exclusively for PvP. I've been seeing comments like yours far and wide and its becoming more and more invalid because I've been seeing BHVR slowly and gradually improving from making the AI unique. Honestly just try the mobile practice mode and see for yourself how dangerous the AI killers are. There's NOTHING to lose from having a bot mode with 50% BP and potential rift shard progression. If anything, it'd bring in far more players and revenue for BHVR.

  • El_GingeroEl_Gingero Member Posts: 1,147

    Would help the atrocious new player experience too. It takes several thousand hours of gameplay just to get a few hundred hours of practice at looping if you play solo queue, and looping is the core mechanic of the game. A bot mode would make the learning curve far more reasonable.

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