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Dear the team at Behaviour Interactive I have started this discussion for one reason and one reason alone and it is quite simple when you break it down, One killer has stood out for me and a lot of people when we first joined the Dead By Daylight Community, That killers name is 'The Cannibal' or as we the community like to call him - Leatherface/Bubba.

Now i have kinda put 'The story of my life' down below me so if you dont want to read how i came to realise why Bubba needs a buff and why hes been mistreated i will put a boarder around the whole thing.


Now when I first started playing Dead By Daylight I was a survivor main, I usually played as Dwight because he is one of the poster boys of the series and his perks matched my play style - a team player who always liked to be around his friends or other players. When I joined I was a Xbox Player I would always go to school and talk about Dead By Daylight to people but people didn’t know what it was and they didn't give it a try because I was playing on Xbox and pretty much 95% of my friends were on PS4.

A few weeks later Dead By Daylight was on Playstation Plus for free and of course all my friends installed it and gave it a go. My friends always wanted me to move to PS4 as they thought Xbox was a lot more laggier and they thought the Xbox controller was clunky,

Eventually I gave into them and I bought a PS4 and to be honest they weren’t wrong I found the PS4 controller a lot more smaller, compact and easy to use. First game I installed on my PS4 was Dead By Daylight and I couldn’t wait to jump in to a survivor match. Most of my friends mained survivor except for my two friends one who has had Dead By Daylight for a very long time sitting on his PS4 and tried to convince everyone that Freddy was a great killer, And the other one who strictly played Hag, No one else but Hag.
I was happy to do custom matches or public matches with my friends when they were up for it and I loved it.

Time went on and I started to get a tired of looping killers and doing gens, It all just got a little bit stale and boring to me.


I eventually got to around rank 9 survivor and I realised - I have never once tried to play as a killer.

I was always ashamed of my wifi as it never performed consistently and I could never host. I was always the laughing stock in my group for bad wifi. On some days I would hang my head high and say 'yeah that’s me with the bad wifi' other days I would just keep my mouth shut and accept it. I knew I had to make a change so ordered myself an Ethernet cable and after than my experiences on Dead By Daylight changed. I loaded up Dead By Daylight and pressed 'Play As Killer'

First killer I tried was The Trapper. I always like to play it simple but effective so I thought The Trapper was the perfect pick for that. First game I played I got 4 Kills and my perspective on how to play Dead By Daylight changed.
I Was Now Killer Main.,

I loved the satisfying sound of feeling of when you downed someone vaulting a window or pallet it just felt amazing. I started to watch Dead By Daylight Youtubers like Monto, Noob3 and OchiDO
Monto did his series on perk builds but I mostly watched his killer perk builds. The way he could put together 4 perks and a low tier killer and turn him/her into a best amazed me.
Noob3 was an obvious survivor main and I loved tricks and ways to outsmart the killer - he knew he was the smarter than the killer that is why he plays so well.
And OchiDO usually played as a survivor but I never watched him that much.

So I played as Trapper until around Rank 18 and I didn’t lose a single game. I tried some of Monto's Perk Builds but with my twists on them because I didnt have all the perks, I looked through perk build after perk build and at least everyone had a DLC perk I needed the most common one being - Barbeque And Chilli. Of course this is where my story with Bubba began.

I purchased the Leatherface DLC and to be honest I was a little bit disappointed the DLC didn’t come with a survivor or even a map only Leatherface. I knew that he was licensed so I knew that it would have to be discussed to bring a map and a survivor (I think the Sawyer House and the grounds around it would have been a great map and obviously Sally would have made a great survivor as well)

I played as Bubba and he would go on to be my main. I would call myself a good killer with Leatherface and i enjoyed him for the most part. I played with him until rank 11 and thats when i would suffer my first defeat with Leatherface, One Claudette brought a key and managed to get herself and another person out with it i managed to get two of them but this was the first time i had not killed all 4 survivors in a match. When i suffered the loss i wasnt annoyed that i lost i was annoyed about why i lost and i knew i was a good killer that game i didnt blame my self i blamed the killer.

I started to watch some lists ranking all the killer in Dead By Daylight and i was quite suprised to find Bubba sitting around 2nd Last or 3rd Last. Every single list said that the whole reason is Leatherface is place at 2nd or 3rd last is because 'Hillbilly is better at everything than Bubba' I didnt want to believe it so there was only one way to find out and that was to play a game with Hillbilly.

They werent wrong.


Now this discussion isnt about 'Making Bubba better than Hillbilly' or 'Giving Leatherface a map and a Survivor'
No this discussion was made to notify The Dead By Daylight team that they are overlooking him alot, It felt like a knife in the back when i heard that they were buffing a killer and it was The Wraith.

Point 1 - Leatherface doesnt have a map or a survivor.
Right cmon then DBD team why doesnt Leatherface the FIRST yes FIRST main slasher out of the main icons like Myers and Jason not have a map or a survivor. It doesnt make any sense to me like at all. Obviously i would add 'The Sawyer House' which you could argue is like Thompson House but then you could argue that The Chapel is like the Asylum. And for the survivor i would Sally from the first movie.
And nobody can argue that 'they didnt add a map or survivor because nobody remembers The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' if you do then please step outside this Discussion because you are dead. Literally the whole movie is set in that one house and your trying to say no one remembers it that is just absurbed. And Sally was the first final girl ever so that isnt a point either.

Point 2 - How bad his power is
Leatherfaces power isnt far of being the worst power in Dead By Daylight period. Lets break it down from a postitive POV.

  • He has a instadown
  • He can down more than one survivor at a time
  • -He can break pallets
  • He is quite a pressuring killer

And thats about it. Now lets look at the negitives.

  • The tantrum is unneeded the fact Leatherface has it and not Billy is stupid, i dont even think any of them should have it. In
    my opinion. In my atleast 150+ hours with Bubba i have never downed anyone when in a tantrum.

  • His movement speed when in his chainsaw dash is probobly the most stupid thing in eternity. His dash accelerates his movement speed as the action peforms so it is not possible to get a completly accurate result but people have calculated it. (his speed is 115%) . - How much does it accelerate by you ask? - AROUND 3%-5% ARE YOU JOKING. Now this is without any add-ons. - Surely his dash must be pretty good with addons right? NAW LETS MAKE HIS SPEED WITH BEST ADDONS 7%-9% FASTER.
    Im getting frustrated just thinking about this.
    Now Billy on the other hand 'Hey you know whats a good idea make his sprint 230% movement speed base ok? But you cant forget about them addons ya hear? Na lets make his speed with the best addons 310% yeah thats a good idea!!'
    There is tons of negitives about Bubba which annoy me and my Bubba mains out there but those are the 2 key ones.

2 Points for your case thats it? Well I know it isnt alot but im not here to start arguements about 'WhY DoeS BuBBA nEEd a BuFF i tHINk nurSE NEeds ONE actuALLY' Im here to send a message to all those people who over look Leatherface and discuss it with people - Remember this is a discussion.

Heres my final Verdict

I have countless numbers of ideas i could run by you but heres some of my favorites.

  • Give him Ultra-Rare Addons - Yes i know he doesnt have Ultra-Rare addons. Damn.

-Make his power not a timed action but more like the Spirits/Legions power with a cooldown. My main idea was to make his chainsaw a dash attack and he destroys everything in his path including pallets (he runs through them if they are already thrown down but if they are thrown down on him he goes into tantrum)
if he crashes into walls or something he would also he will go into the tantrum.
The dash will be similar to the pigs speed and length but he shouldnt use the timer/bar if he isnt moving so it shows him as a more pressuring killer.

Now heres some of his counters to consider maybe not all of them though.

  • Make him slower (110%)
  • Make his terror radius a little bit bigger maybe (The average is 24/32 TR but make his like 36)
  • If he manages to down a survivor during the charge then play a little animation like his mori
  • If he gets blinded by a flashlight he will go into a different tantrum animation

Ofcourse feel free to give your opinions with in this discussion.

Also please consider discussing with the liscence to get a survivor or a map added with Leatherface.

And DBD Team thank you for your dedication with the game it honestly makes us the community very grateful for what your doing (even if you dont satisfy my Bubba Dreams)

Spread it people #BuffLeatherface


  • popolespopoles Member Posts: 780
    Just be careful so they won't rework him to be fun.
  • The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688
    He's underrated in my opinion. He's not great but an instadown goes a long way to helping a killer's strength.
  • Syrian_HamsterSyrian_Hamster Member Posts: 4

    the memes will die if he is buffed. but yeah we REALLY need a desert map aka rhe sawyer house and sally would be awesome to have in game.

  • VietfoxVietfox Member Posts: 3,826
    He's underrated in my opinion. He's not great but an instadown goes a long way to helping a killer's strength.
    Try LF without addons. He's not fast enough and loops counter the chainsaw.
    Also most of his addons suck.
  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 2,445

    Leatherface is one of the more fun killers to play.

    So if they buffed him, that would be great.

  • BeanieEnthusiastBeanieEnthusiast Member Posts: 213

    Something would be nice for good old Leatherface.

  • The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688
    Vietfox said:
    He's underrated in my opinion. He's not great but an instadown goes a long way to helping a killer's strength.
    Try LF without addons. He's not fast enough and loops counter the chainsaw.
    Also most of his addons suck.
    Many of the killers suck without add-ons. At least at high rank.

    Billys chainsaw isn't anywhere near as powerful when you can't instacharge it or spam it over and over (though overrall he's still a decent killer)

    Spirit cant phase walk very far eithout add-ons so she struggles to get around the map

    Wraith takes forever to reappear without add-ons and isnt too fast without them.

    Myers takes ages to hit tier 3 without add-ons


    Trapper can only carry 1 trap at a time which makes him useless.

    Etc etc
  • Wolf74Wolf74 Member Posts: 2,959

    @The_Crusader said:

    Many of the killers suck without add-ons. At least at high rank.

    LF sucks even with add ons, because most of his add ons are either not working at all or are garbage on their own.

  • ChesterTheMolesterChesterTheMolester Member Posts: 2,771
    edited December 2018
    Wolf74 said:

    @The_Crusader said:

    Many of the killers suck without add-ons. At least at high rank.

    LF sucks even with add ons, because most of his add ons are either not working at all or are garbage on their own.

    Only 4-5 work and the benefits aren't that great. And i counted the long guide bar which is a double edged sword
  • FayeZaharaFayeZahara Member Posts: 964
    I wouldn't mind a 2nd power like him doing a famous action he does in all his movies besides original chainsaw attack.
    He lifts his chainsaw above head and starts running as he growls. Its not an attack but a way to move around that his character is used too.
  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 5,182
    edited December 2018


  • MrMyersMrMyers Member Posts: 43

    “Working as intended”

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