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Spinechill needs finally a nerv. Here is why

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Your Action speeds in Repairing, Healing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, Vaulting, Cleansing, Opening, and Unlocking are increased by 2/4/6%

i find that 6% is alot...... and def. to much

  • Skill Check
  • Trigger odds are increased by 10 %.
  • Skill Check Success zones are reduced by 10 %.

10% ? is to less... for newer players ok...for exp one to less

Whenever the Killer is looking in your direction when within 36 metres of you, Spine Chill activates...ok but

36 m ???? to much too, why ?... it´s not only that spinechill get activate with his functions...no it´s an big information for the current survivor that the killer is incomming too. Also it´s much more easier if you play with an swf ( sfw = voice = more information. With Spinechill = much more information ) wich is bad for the killer, specially if you want to play a stealty tactic, with some perks, offerings or killer´s ( example Ghostface ) and stuff like this. I mean we have alot of killer´s with 24m terrorradius, or some slower ones ect.

If you ask me....This Perk is good for newer players but not for the most of us, the experience ones.

Also the biggest problem is that this Perk destroying all the scare effects and jumpscares wich is bad for dbd, cause it´s an horrorgame. But that´s only my opinion. Any other opinions ? Let´s discuss

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