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Wraith definitely needs some nerfs

SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,717
edited June 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

Nothing seems to trigger me more lately than hearing that bell on my tail. There is no skill needed in spamming M2 for a cloak and uncloak to get a free long range free hit. It is every time he is hidden around a loop, uncloaks and moves around a loop at mach speed that's uncounterable.   You can’t gain distance, he body blocks windows because they move so fast. Wraiths will play hit and run because of their uncounterable lunges. They’ll smack someone, leave you alone, return in an inconspicuous location and uncloak for an unavoidable down. I thought his bell was for being sneaky, not free hits?

He has a bloated power with tremendous map pressure and a huge lunge. Why does Wraith have an exemption for this kind of advantage? Combined with addons and perks, especially 1-shot perks like Dragon's Grip and Make Your Choice and you have something unfair. It's too much. His bell was once a sign he is about to be stealthy, now it’s a sign you are about to lose no matter what. His add-ons on top of all of this is OP, way more than other killers. Most Wraiths love that All Seeing addon. No downsides.  Why does Amanda’s letter have a downside to her aura addon (which makes it a little more fair) but Wraith doesn’t? This addon alone is overwhelmingly OP! Please make this addon so it tremendously reduces his movement speed and slow him down after an uncloak. Because wallhacking in a hide and seek game is a huge advantage.

He needs slowed way down and greatly reduce his lunge so it’s a little more fair.



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