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Spine chill change.

SteahSteah Member Posts: 511

I don't want it nerfed per say, i like what it does now but it just kinda invalidates stealth killers, GF especially.

I still want it to be good but, and if they do make it so it doesnt work vs stealth they should give it something in return, but it makes playing some killers feel kinda pointless. 1 perk countering my who ability seems dumb.

Any idea's on what could be done?



  • justalilbit123justalilbit123 Member Posts: 165

    Make it do something else. Premonition and Spine Chill basically do the same thing and Spine Chill is way too good.

  • SteahSteah Member Posts: 511

    I mean survivors can also win against a stridor spirit, doesn't mean that she shouldn't be looked at. I don't want a nerf for it, i just want it to not screw GF over

  • LucentLucent Member Posts: 209

    it's the reason i don't run stealth perks or killers. It invalidates the power to a high degree.

  • justalilbit123justalilbit123 Member Posts: 165

    When are people like you going to learn that it's about FUN not WINNING. I win the majority of my killer games, I seldom have fun in any of them. Spine Chill ruins stealth killers, that is about as unfun as it gets.

  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278
    edited June 2021

    As either Myers or GF Spine Chill literally means they cannot use their power. They can’t NOT look at survivors.

    Slippery meat was updated because of how unfairly it singled out countering Trappers traps, and affected no other power in the game. It’s about time Spine Chill was looked at so that there isn’t this massive disparity between killers it doesn’t affect too much, to those it’s far too strong against.

  • KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230

    I agree that it should be nerfed/altered because I myself use it as often as possible. Why? It counters all Killers. I know they're coming a mile away and so does everyone else using it or if it's a member of an SWF group then everyone knows while they gen rush. Gives me time to walk away leaving the Killer confused and wasting time looking for me. It also gives me a bonus to other actions like vaulting.

  • HollowsGriefHollowsGrief Member Posts: 1,497

    It is a bit annoying how it counters stealth killers as much as it does. It's not to strong just to strong vs stealth killers so honestly I have no idea what they can do. Maybe make undetectable counter it like it counters aura reading? I'm unsure honestly.

  • JimbusCrimbusJimbusCrimbus Member Posts: 1,037

    Spine Chill range should be lower. It's currently 36m, which is larger than literally any terror radius in the game aside from those affected by addons/M&A.

    It should also have a drastically decreased detection on undetectable killers.

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 2,771

    Is it rly that hard to look a bit away with your camera when you approching (or thinking you are approching) someone? Try it.

    That perk has a counter but most killers are either lazy or they forget they can fool the user. The perk is totaly fine. Leave it alone.

  • ouroboros_worldouroboros_world Member Posts: 215

    Spinechill need nerf, it’s a shame I can’t stalk as Myers and ghost face like ######### their whole power is counter by a noob perk that have no downsides like many other perks

  • T2KT2K Member Posts: 637
    edited June 2021

    I have an idea. Dont walk to survivors at a gen while straight looking in that direction. Ez fix

    Edit: if you mean it regarding the power to stalk, its still fine imo. Not everyone uses SC and although you may not have the advantage of being unspotted while stalking, you still can get your stalk off. Its not like they know exactly where you are.

  • bobateobobateo Member Posts: 254

    I don't think 'cannot use their power' is true. It may make it more difficult in some instances to effectively use their power, but it's not impossible. Surv in a relatively open zone? Theycan definitely get power progress though maybe not as much w/o SC. If it's indoor map, well, there's lots of LOS blockers anyway and if it's a straight hallway, they can get progress regardless. I really think people over estimate how much SC helps in most situations.

  • legacycoltlegacycolt Member Posts: 1,348

    Spinechill is fine.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460
    edited June 2021

    No, it doesn't. I play Myers; more specifically I play the Spooky Myers build most often. This means I'm entirely a stealth Killer. I managed to do just fine and not a game goes by that at least two of the people I'm up against have Spine Chill. The Perk doesn't tell them what direction you are coming from, if you are actually coming for them or just looking around, and you can trick Spine Chill fine once you have mastered moving the direction you want to go without looking at it.

    Yes, Spine Chill gives them a better chance against you someone who doesn't have it. That is what Perks are for. That isn't to say it is the end all be all. I suppose they could set it for a shorter range to trigger against stealth Killers but then you have a whole messy can of worms. Would that also come into play against Killers getting stealth temporarily through another Perk. Can you imagine how useless entirely the Perk would be against a high mobility Killer who can cross massive distances and be stealth when you no longer get a head start? :)

  • QuakeQuake Member Posts: 230

    Moonwalk at gen,don't u dare touch my spine chill.

  • StarshadwStarshadw Member Posts: 266

    As I stated in another thread that made the rounds - no, Spine Chill does not need changing nor nerfed. It's main purpose is to counter stealth. That's the entire point of the perk. That's what it's intended to do. That's the dice we all roll when we play the game - whether or not our perks will be useful during the match, and whether or not our opponent will be running perks that makes things more difficult for us.

  • legacycoltlegacycolt Member Posts: 1,348
  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,752

    Certain perks help against specific killers and stealth killers shouldn't be exempt. Calm Spirit helps against The Doctor. Dead Hard helps against 1 Billy, Nurse and Leatherface. Iron Will helps against Spirit. It's part of the game and a stealth killer is not totally neutered by it.

  • WexlerWendigoWexlerWendigo Member Posts: 1,867

    Killers can counter Spine chill if they notice a survivor has it, it doesn’t need to be changed, as there are other survivor and killer perks that are stronger.

  • CrypticghoulCrypticghoul Member Posts: 539

    I like the idea I've seen tossed around that it should have a shorter detection range if the killer is undetectable.

    Even though it can be frustrating to play against as a stealth killer, at least it's one less perk slot going towards Dead Hard or Iron Will imo. And I've used survivors' Spine Chills against them to get gen grabs by side-walking. I find survivors that run Spine Chill tend to be less aware if the perk doesn't turn on.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,704

    Like how the meme becomes reality just because survivors decided to run it more.

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