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Truetalent vs Oracle team, what do you think?



  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,285

    At that point you could make the argument that these people are playing 2 different games.

    So why not just eliminate the ability to play with SWF and say if you want to play with friends go do KYF.

  • AVoiceOfReasonAVoiceOfReason Member Posts: 2,267
    edited June 2021

    There you go. Audio is a bit low on the game plus mic. I didn't realize it while I was recording. Following videos won't ever be this low again. It's what happens when I mess with OBS XD

  • AVoiceOfReasonAVoiceOfReason Member Posts: 2,267

    Anyone know how to get ahold of Oracle to face them? I would like a try.

  • TheeclumsyNinjaTheeclumsyNinja Member Posts: 283

    Watch how many times you go against a pro team in ranked lol 1/1000 matches maybe if that even. 99.9 percent of matches are not even close to that

  • Edgars_RavenEdgars_Raven Member Posts: 1,236

    It was a,first pass, i think that puts trickster up there though tbh. Legion up the duration if necessary. Point is, this isnt an entire rework like Freddy or Doc that had 2 different states making them stupid weak

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,285

    That's not a valid argument. How often do i go against a pro CS:GO team? Do they still balance the game around them or me?

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,474

    The current balance of dbd goes like this.

    1. Clueless noobs first day gets destroyed by the killer
    2. noob has been playing for a while and reached green/purple ranks and can loop a little but team mates let him down
    3. noob joins a dbd group and plays swf
    4. boosted noob wins more then then they lose and are now in red ranks thanks to coms
    5. noob finally gets good and knows what every killer does
    6. survivor player and team rarely lose beyond a select few killers <--- many people are at this stage in some regions with 2k hours being the norm

    During that weird 4 day period after the mmr test where mmr seemed like it was still on, i had decent solo team mates and we finished the game with only 3-5 hooks most of the time. I also had trouble playing killers that i would normally be able to relax with like pyramidhead because the efficiency was insane.

    I don't know what they did to change that but since yesterday i have been in games with mixed ranks so we get slaughtered and i am back to cruising on killer. I was even winning on twins with no addons and the sound off.. i never play the twins.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,684

    In real matches, killers know to play dirty when they need to and still win against these SWF. TruTalent wants to 12 hook against a tournament SWF and still win. That would ruin the game entirely. This isn't deathgarden.

    Killers are already so overpowered they win an overwhelming majority of matches.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,967

    Your fundamental point doesn't click with me because in a single player game, it is possible to cater to both the speedrunner and to the casual player simultaneously.

  • Stardust1998Stardust1998 Member Posts: 14

    Seems pretty obvious to me. Against a tippity top 0.1% team like Oracle, you are gonna need to be a VERY good spirit/nurse to take em down. Like in competative cod, the top teams only use 1 or 2 guns. I also want to point out that Oracle is like a 1 in 1 million swf. The average swf is nowhere near that level.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,967

    To me, this whole thing hinges on the assumption that asymmetrical games are impossible to balance, which is not a notion that I am convinced by.

  • VoidGenomVoidGenom Member Posts: 16


    Most comp players know the game is incredibly survivor sided, that why tourneys are a team of 4 survivors and killer vs another team of survivor and killer, and is almost never survivor vs killer

  • shyguyyshyguyy Member Posts: 297

    Everyone already knows that 4 GOOD survivors on a team together is op. Finding a swf group like Oracle is extremely unlikely and is thus not a problem.

    Also, I am sure truetalent is a pretty neat guy but he is hardly a top tier killer player.

  • woundcowboywoundcowboy Member Posts: 1,119

    This isn't true at all. I get that True can rub some people the wrong way, but to say that he is bad shows that you are either insanely biased or don't know the game. I watch all of the major streamers: True, Umbra, Otz, Scott, Bronx, and so on. They are pretty much all on the same level, which is partly a reflection of DBD's limitations. You can only be so good at the game because the game limits what you can do. The only real difference between any of them is that some slug more than others. Killer gameplay is pretty consistent among all the top streamers.

  • knellknell Member Posts: 563

    Let's say that in a fighting game, a tournament level player finds that a certain character can pull off an infinite combo that none of the other characters can do, but only the top 0.01% of the player base is skilled enough to actually do it. Should the game designers of said fighting game then just ignore the infinite combo since only such a small number of players are talented enough to time it right?

    Of course not, because that would be a terrible game design and overall balancing decision. Same thing here. You balance games by the best players to measure the potential and limits of that role they are playing. The fact that you rarely face those players is a horrible reason to not balance the game correctly - of course the best players are rare, that's basically the definition of being the best. Not understanding this simply shows that many people don't understand the basic concept of game design and balance.

  • EvilhorstEvilhorst Member Posts: 103

    I also feel like so many people are simply ignoring the fact, that the top % are not even using best tools in the game. Also i win so many games SIMPLY because survivors are beeing cocky and overconfident or overly altruistic. The only reason survivors are not dominating WAY harder is because they have no incentive to try hard. This game is 'balanced' by psychology and not by game mechanics. The game mechanics are completely broken. How can so many of the guys in here just ignore that? "You cannot balance around top %" is such a dense statement to make, when the top % are absolutely dominating WITHOUT the best perks and items and addons. They are simply dominating by stellar gameplay. It might be true that not many people play like this however the less skilled people use the best tools in the game and thus the gap of power is not even that big as projected by many in here. How can anyone say that this game is even remotely close to beeing alright, when you literally have no counterplay to survivors and have to rely on mistakes from the other sides. I remember Scotts Video about Spirit having no counterplay and people who let themselves beeing countered are 'just bad spirits' (no true scotsman btw). How is only beeing able to win because survivors make mistakes not the same damn thing? How is balancing around top % such a problem, but balancing around the better spirits is totally a fine thing and spirit is such a problem because of it. There is no counterplay to good survivors either. The amount of contradiction and illogical reasoning here is so incredibly frustrating. I just wish we could base a discussion like this on actual logical arguments for once. We saw top % gameplay but we did not even get to see the full potential survivors have, because again they did not even use the best tools. And this is not even considering other completely broken things like Map design, bceause they used somewhat 'balanced' maps.

  • EvilhorstEvilhorst Member Posts: 103

    To be fair and i have to make an argument against my own position here: Almost all Killer Streamers are all around Players, there are very few who spent even 50% of their time on just one killer. Tru3 also plays 50/50 Killer and Survivor. You could argue that things would look a little different if they focused more on a few killers. It is the reality of the game that many killers just main a few and thus may be better with specific killers than any of these streamers. Is the skill ceiling that different? No, but the point still stands.

  • twocansofbeantwocansofbean Member Posts: 200

    I was actually surprised to hear dowsey call him the best killer back then. Apparently he used to be the guy everyone looked at for top tier killer game plat

  • twocansofbeantwocansofbean Member Posts: 200

    If by good you mean the top .1% yeah I guess so.

    Then you also have to define what counts as a win more than 6 hooks or 3+ kills

  • twocansofbeantwocansofbean Member Posts: 200

    Dude they absolutely should never implement a mmr system in this broken game.

    I can see the massive increase in tunneling already

  • twocansofbeantwocansofbean Member Posts: 200
  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 2,168

    Thanks for the video.

    It was helpful seeing you deal with pallets and your strategy.

    Is there a reason why you hit through the unsafe pallet at 5:30 instead of forcing the drop first like you did with other pallets? Its faster but you risk the stun.

    Are unsafe pallets the only loops where you use your lunge? Is there any trick for standard tiles on other maps like car loops? For jungle gym and shack you use bamboozle, right?

  • OlokunOlokun Member Posts: 198

    How can you compare an esport team as usual swf's in publics ? i think thoses esports teams are farrrrr more stronger than 99% standarts swf so i affirm youre overreacting.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,624

    It can't be very fun for strong SWFs winning game after game. They will get tired of it. But game is probably always going to be survivor sided otherwise it's hard to find four times as many survivor players, so it is what it is.

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