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Camping and Tunneling out of control. Went from Rank 12 to 14 in one night

Should say damn near put me to rank 15. I don't get the point in it. Ya'll make the game toxic for survivors not to mention you have all these perks that are good and just waste them. Its ridiculous and unfair. I wish the devs would do something about it.


  • HaunterofShadowsHaunterofShadows Member Posts: 3,497

    so is this complaining about camping and tunneling or survivor perks. I have no idea what your talking about. When it comes to camping and tunneling those are the killers choice and aren't something to just fix especially when they said its ok

  • Mar3384Mar3384 Member Posts: 30

    I'm saying that killers have good perks and done use them. I know several people who don't camp or tunnel and still get 4K.

  • BenihimeWrathBenihimeWrath Member Posts: 968

    Sorry, I literally have to kill someone as fast as possible. Its the only real way to slow the game down to a manageable level. Its not enjoyable for me to get 1 hook and then get tbagged at the exit gate because I allowed survivors to snowball. I'm the one I want to snowball, and thats how I do it, by getting rid of a survivor. It sounds, and appears when I play survivor, that a lot of other killers are making that decision as well, if they have any experience at the game. Toxicity goes in a cycle, and both sides are responsible for the other sides fun because the roles are symbiotic. But the unfortunate reality is that people are not against you, they are for themselves, so if its the choice between them having fun, or you having fun, they are going to pick themselves.

  • WedeguyWedeguy Member Posts: 277

    I really think that you're one of those shameful killers, the lowest of the low players who tunnel on 4-5 gens. Your message really does strike me as you're one of them and if you are, you're disgusting tbh.

  • youngjunyoungjun Member Posts: 257

    It is also a strategy. Have you ever played as killers?

  • BenihimeWrathBenihimeWrath Member Posts: 968

    1 person has to be gone before 3 gens, thats just how it is. If you don't keep that pace then survivors snowball out of control. If you don't like it, then tell the devs to fix the gen speeds so it doesn't feel like we have to play that way in order to have a chance of winning.

  • OtakaChanOtakaChan Member Posts: 133

    Ho estly they need to reduce the survivors and make the game a 3 v 1. Killers complain about gens going too fast then reduce the survivor by 1. Maybe it'll help.

  • VatekanoreVatekanore Member Posts: 15

    Go stealth and don't be the first person to be found, do the gens while avoiding the killer and always know where to go whenever you hear the terror radius

    Also- for the love of god don't farm your teammates, tunnelling is a lot easier when you unhook somebody in front of the killer

  • TDZ_LukeTDZ_Luke Member Posts: 78

    From experience, camping and tunnelling is fairly common at those ranks, the quicker you get out of there, the less you'll see it happen

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,815

    So? You can play this game how you want. Focus on your own team I'm sure you do gens and stuff that killers dislikes. How the killer plays is only the killers business.

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