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What would you delete?

With various people saying that this map or that killer should be disabled and so forth, I decided to turn the frequent conversations into something that may be a little more fun. Imagine that you work at BHVR and you have one job: Deleting content that you don't like. You can't go crazy though, you are limited to this:

One map. ONE.

One chapter set of characters. What I mean by this is, say that you want to delete the Twins. Elodie therefore has to go too. Say you want to get rid of Steve Harrington (how could you?), that means that Nancy, the Demogorgon, and all skins go with him. We're not talking about any of the bugs that were introduced with any of the chapters, we're not talking about any previous versions that may have been better before a nerf. We're talking about the characters and the characters only, as they are right now (or were before any bugs that were introduced with this update). For those who were available individually (such as Ash) or those that came with the base game (such as Trapper) you have to choose a member of the base game from the other side to be deleted along with them. Example: If you hate Nea, you have to delete either Trapper, Wraith or Hillbilly as well.

One perk. ONE. Killer or survivor, doesn't matter.

One game mechanic / gameplay feature. This could be the need to build up multiple perk tiers, or the existence of the hatch, or keys, or generator speed, or the ability of killers to camp, etc. Remember, we're not talking about changing or substituting anything, we're talking about looking at a list of things that make this game what it is and being able to press a button to make those things no longer exist.

So there you have it. You must delete ONE map, ONE perk, ONE game mechanic, and ONE set of characters that either came together in a chapter, or, if the character you want to delete didn't come with anybody else, you have to choose a base game character from the other side to be deleted with them. What would you choose? Please, try not to argue. This isn't about survivors vs killers or fair versus unfair. Balance doesn't matter. People losing out on their favorite things doesn't matter. This is all just a hypothetical scenario.



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