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Sigh... Bite The Bullet, or Self Preservation do NOT counter Stridor!

TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278
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“When healing, you and the Survivor you’re healing make NO NOISE, INCLUDING GRUNTS OF PAIN.”

There’s no percentages here. It’s says NO NOISE. It’s just for the healing action. Make the sounds hidden, or don’t bother making the perk remove any noise. I’m tired of this crap.

This goes the same for Self Preservation. The description specifically says scratch marks, blood, and grunts of pain are HIDDEN!

Stridor Spirit is already strong enough without including MORE ways it CAN’T be countered.

(For clarification, both self healing AND healing somebody else was performed during the match. Grunts of pain we’re still made, albeit quieter. I already know Bite The Bullet doesn’t work if someone else is healing you, unless they have it too).

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