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Why do you play for so long?

Why do you spend time playing this game? Have you actually thought about how much lifetime you have spent running, killing, hooking, repairing, healing, saving, escaping, winning, losing, feeling nothingness, feeling arrogance, feeling anger, feeling relief. Is it pleasant?

What's so pleasant about it? Do you feel satisfied when you fulfill the in-game goals while can't carry the weight of real life requirements? Do you need any sort of fulfillment? Emotional one? Is the life dull? Social one? Is the life lonely? Do you want to feel special at least somewhere? Do you want people to notice you, be happy around you, be angry because of you? Do you wish being meaningful in someone else's life? Do you wish to be meaningful?

Is it why you play this game for too much? Do you know why do you play? Do you even enjoy the time you spend on it? Ten hours, hundreds, thousand hours. Is it addiction? What lacks out there that you need it in this illusion of reality?


Do you even want to answer this?



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