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I can’t hold back any longer. I swear a lot on these forums are children.

TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278
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Good gravy...

Theories about how the devs operate, and base their decisions off of.

Accusations without any iota of solid evidence.

Disgruntled claims about bias that make absolutely NO SENSE for a business to make that WANTS to stay in business.

Believing streamers have complete, total, unyielding influence on what does and doesn’t get put in a game.

Refusing to accept the risks that comes with using Hexes.

Invented narratives.

I could go on...

Geez Louise, many of you need to get a grip, grow up, or both.

(Clarification: I’m NOT invalidating anybody’s anger. I’m NOT invalidating anybody’s disappointment. It’s perfectly reasonable to feel that way, and okay to express as such.)

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