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Rite Of The Nemesis - Oversight Or Troll?

This is the daily ritual for Nemesis:

"With The Nemesis, reach maximum Mutation Rate 4 time(s)."

Anyone see the issue here?



Yeah, you have to play a minimum of 4 matches (if you somehow fail to achieve max in a game) in order to get this done. I mean, Nemesis is a very fun killer and he will probably be my main for a good while, if not forever, but that as a daily ritual is dumb af. You gotta fix that.


  • Kees_TKees_T Member Posts: 807

    And the reward is like 30.000 of BPs? I assume so.

    If the reward was like, 100.000, I wouldn't mind.

  • DoomedMindDoomedMind Member Posts: 793

    That should be a challenge like "Hit 4 times a contaminated survivor with your power in tier 3", imo

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