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What was this Hotfix for?

The game is still filled with frame rate issues and lag spikes that make it unplayable. The hotfix did nothing, but fix a cosmetic glitch, and try and say they fixed clowns bottle which is not true his power still doesnt work.

To all who say their working on smaller bugs first I have to say that is the dumbest thing they can do when their game is unplayable. We waited a week for a fix and it didnt come. Any other company would have fixed it within a few days. The map is still not back which I have no issue with, but others definitely want it back in rotation because its apart of the chapter, and it makes the chapter just feel like your getting just more cosmetics for survivors with Jill and Leon with legendary skins.

I'm going to end my rant here before I take it to far. I would like to see your thoughts on the situation.


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