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Good Huntress build?



  • SlickstylesSlickstyles Member Posts: 445

    If you're just starting out with Huntress, I'd recommend Corrupt, Bitter Murmer, BBQ, Iron Maiden/Ruin. It's what I used when I first played with her and I did quite well.

  • JokersmileJokersmile Member Posts: 76
    edited June 2021

    Yes for huntress all the time survivors know huntress uses BBQ so they go into a locker and when they hop out you know where they are at.You also have the rare times where they are exposed and in melee range.

    I'm not even gonna begin to try and unserstand what you mean by busted hit boxes and heat seeking hatchets but you are more than welcome to upload your huntress gameplay and show us what you mean

  • RenAmamiyaRenAmamiya Member Posts: 851
    edited June 2021

    Huntress has basekit STBFL if you throw hatchets. Her cooldown between M2 and M1 is super low so it's not worth running the perk itself.

    Beast of Prey is straight up bad. You shouldn't be bloodlusting with Huntress.

    BBQ and Iron Maiden are solid. Other perks I recommend: Nurse's Calling, I'm All Ears, Bitter Murmur, Whispers, Corrupt Intervention, Discordance, Coup de Grace, Blood Warden, Hex Ruin (+Undying), Lethal Pursuer, Brutal Strength, Agitation. Try messing around with some of these.

  • TwitchyMikeTwitchyMike Member Posts: 759

    These are all great ideas for me to try. I need to unlock Discordance, Coup de Grace, and Hex undying.

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