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How on earth do people play Trapper?

SWF ruins him, Maps ruin him, and he's basically reliant on survivors being idiots to get anything done




  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,273

    well i wish i had some of them show up in my matches, all of the survs i've had knew exactly where all of the traps were and were actively avoiding them, EVEN WALKING INTO ME INSTEAD OF THE TRAP JUST TO SPITE ME

  • SoulpawSoulpaw Member Posts: 290

    setting up traps at the beginning is crucial. you can also place traps infront of loop pallets that are dropped mid chase. When survivors see you do this, they tend to abandon the tile completely and when you realize that they just run, you can cancel the placing of the trap to get up faster and catch them in the open.

    theres a streamer/youtuber called NotOtz. He is a trap main and a good one at that. Hes a good person to get some tips and tricks from.

  • beachedbeached Member Posts: 302

    They have a strong will I guess. You just need really cheeky spots, I really like putting mine at the bottom of hills and at corners of loops instead of by pallets or windows. People don’t always expect it. He is very difficult though so I usually don’t go through the pain of playing him unless I have a daily.

  • WishIcouldmainWishIcouldmain Member Posts: 3,973

    Nostalgia and Potato survivors.

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,273

    me does this exact same thing

    survivor sees the trap

    survivor stops

    survivor turns to me

    i hit survivor

    survivor goes in the opposite direction tea-bagging the entire ######### way

  • PubStar87PubStar87 Member Posts: 179

    Match start, scan the gens, pick your 3 gen, trap that area.

    Good build I just used.

    Forced Penance, Surge, Agitation, Save The Best

    Just defend your 3 gen

  • lr01lr01 Member Posts: 63

    I enjoy playing him, and Learn where to place traps to trap survivors. sometimes works, sometimes it don't. use perks like if they pop the trap they become injured.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,911

    Haddonfield is a good time with him. All that grass to hide my traps and areas where survivors can't avoid them while running between house and fence. 😂

  • BronzeHandModelBronzeHandModel Member Posts: 116

    3 gen defence is actually pretty strong with trapper. Of course he is no tournament killer, but you can play good with him, even when the survivors arent potatoes.

  • xXCAM3R0NXxxXCAM3R0NXx Member Posts: 387

    I used to do this but:

    A) It gets boring after a while. You're basically just walking around 3 gens constantly, trapping them and then just bascialy letting them get 4 gens done. Not really exciting

    B) Good survivors will counter this strat. They'll split up on your 3 gen, 99 the 2nd gen or lead you out of the 3 gen in chases to which you can't get any downs.

    C) You're bascially letting them only have to do 1 gen. It's risky. If it fails and they pop one of them, then it's game over. Unlike having 5 gens to do where if one gets popped it ain't game over.

    However! It is fun the first few games and it is good practise on where to place traps. You just have to think of somewhere you wouldnt think they would be yourself. Be unpredictable.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,884

    Solo red rank survivors are a mix of very good and bad players, so with a Basement build you can turn things around fast quite often. But good teams never lose to such a weak killer of course.

  • kaerukaeru Member Posts: 1,563

    Save the Best for Last + Padded Jaws. Easiest way to farm tokens.

  • BioXBioX Member Posts: 1,378

    ermm place smart traps then guide survivors into them? idk watch otz or something

  • AdelooAdeloo Member Posts: 1,448

    Because the satisfaction of hearing a SNAP followed by a SCREAM is much more important than losing the game.

  • VonCrowVonCrow Member Posts: 378

    I'm not even a Trapper main and he is the killer I have better results according to the data I gather off my matches.

    I'm still wondering why.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 3,026

    It's best to play him defensively. That is to set up an area with 4-5 gens and focus on that. Don't try to chase survivors around, as he simply does not suit that style. You need to create a hell-pit of traps that ensnares them. Recently, I had a match on Grim Pantry that pretty much took survivors out between 2 gens entirely.

    Obviously, doesn't work all the time. But it's strong in that sense. Or, as strong as can be expected.

  • shiffpup2shiffpup2 Member Posts: 102

    Honing Stone on The Game... You go from playing against humans to potatoes. A great way to get his daily done.

  • PureHostilityPureHostility Member Posts: 692

    Either set a heavily fortified zone with basic ######### type of traps that sooner or later will work and if not they will force survivors into dead zones or just simply into taking free hits.

    If you want to be a bit more aggressive, you can use some 300 IQ traps around stuff that MAY be used as a loop or as a transition between loops. It is a lot more risky, may not pay off at all but if it works, survivors will tremble at your superiority.

    By doing it that way, you can focus on chasing survivors and sometimes herding them into a trap.

    Double trapping some obvious stuff may also work, as survivors will often disarm just one trap, thinking that's all there is.

  • ryseterionryseterion Member Posts: 445

    Be Territorial. Its that simple. Set up a 3 or 4 gen and trap the hell out of it, this is alot easier with corrupt intervention and perks that help with your mid to end game like fire up. Make strong loops unsafe with your traps and have a few in places survivors wouldnt think about. Depending on the map you get your gameplay will vary. Autohaven for me is my favorite to play on as trapper

  • gilgamergilgamer Member Posts: 2,044

    Usually while crying, and doing a daily or tome challenge

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,634

    People don't play trapper

  • Edgars_RavenEdgars_Raven Member Posts: 1,236

    Want to hear something funny. I was playing on a buddies account yesterday giving him tips and what not. Hes a green rank. I see why everyone thinks killer is easy as i believe most killers are green or yellow. I was able to win several games with addonless trapper 😬

    Wish it were that simple in reds 😂

  • PluPlu Member Posts: 1,430

    My guess would be good trap placement, adapting to what theses specifics survivors are doing in your current match, zoning skills and just pure luck.

  • Ghouled_MojoGhouled_Mojo Member Posts: 1,862

    Altruism is the Trappers friend.

    Agitation and Iron Grasp are your friends. You take downed survivors where you want. Preferably, into a heavily trapped area that is hard to save their teammate.

    Trap placement is strategic. Think of lines of movement, whether with looping or escaping. Will they run straight after unhooking or will they jump over windows? Will they loop around a tile? Certain maps are just harder for Trapper.

    Think of survivor sight lines. Will this trap placement make it harder to avoid the trap? If I place obviously here, will they avoid and possibly walk into this more obscured one there or will they disarm and move on?

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    Have you ever tried trapping better areas where they can't easily see the traps lmao. If you're putting them at corners and in very obvious patches of grass it's not gonna work against any competent player. Trapper has been in the game since release, most people know the main trap locations inside and out, you're not gonna catch anyone out if you're doing the same thing everyone else is doing.

  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,522

    Got a 3k against a bunch of Rank 11's 12's last night. Last one knew the hatch was right in front of the guy hooked so I let her have it. He is so abuseable by SWF. His traps can be easily seen through the tissue paper grass and maps from chests just defeats the purpose of laying traps. Trick is to pre trap pallets and watch as they EVENTUALLY run into them. Always set up a basement game or heavily trap a jungle gym. Problem with that though is, you are pretty much ALWAYS down to 3 gens by the time you catch people and apply pressure.

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