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Camping and Tunneling shouldn't hurt Survivors

gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 2,498

Survivors shouldn't lose points just because of the Killer's "playstyle." If no one is being chased and the Killer is forcing deaths on hook or trades, the game just doesn't really work at all.

It's basically guaranteed below 20k points and a derank (safety if you brought BT and get lucky)


  • Northener1907Northener1907 Member Posts: 3,012

    Problem is not tunnel or camp. Problem is pip, bloodpoint and bloodweb systems. They all are bad. They all are broken and boring. They all need to rework.

    In start, that was not problem. Because there was not so much characters and perks. But now? Gosh! There is million killers and survivors. Fix this BHVR.

  • Hektic3000Hektic3000 Member Posts: 674

    Its not the killer taking away points because of the way they play, its just survivors not earning points for things they didn't do. The killer forcing hooks and trades doesn't work out for survivors because its not them winning, but it does work for killers. If survivors want points then they need to ensure they stay in the match long enough to get them or run WGLF since its the bbq equivalent. Instead of spawning into the match and working on the first gen you see maybe just take a second to evade the killer starting their patrol just so you aren't the first survivor found. Aside from receiving points from the archive challenges and dallies if people are stressed about getting bloodpoints then they could play killer(since that's one of the appeals to playing killer, making more bloodpoints than survivors).

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,609

    I think getting some % BP from objectives being done while camped on hook or being chased for prolonged period of time would be nice.

  • GrimmGaliardGrimmGaliard Member Posts: 258

    If you can come up with a similar pity system for killers, I'm down for it

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,676

    So killer should not lose BP is he fails to catch anyone and survivors just finish gens and leave ?

    Should they be forced to willingly go down just so that killer can earn his BP ?

  • akanadiakanadi Member Posts: 232

    pipping system is doesnt work and devs have said it isnt reliable, and if you really hate being tunneled bring DS even if people complain about it

  • justbecausejustbecause Member Posts: 1,521

    The difference is you can go and earn those points still survivor getting camped at 4-5 gens can't they are handicapped to lose pip

  • justbecausejustbecause Member Posts: 1,521

    That never happens and isn't possible to happen u still get to play ur game either way if ur get points or not that's onto you survs when getting camped has no choice or free will to play they need to hang there for 2 mins like idiots just to De rank afterwards idk how those two is any comparable

  • Edgars_RavenEdgars_Raven Member Posts: 1,236

    Then genrushing shouldnt hurt killers 🤷‍♂️😂

  • KaitsjaKaitsja Member Posts: 1,095

    Yes, actually. I'd be way less annoyed if I got free points for literally being tunneled out of the game.

  • SilentPillSilentPill Member Posts: 1,302
  • justbecausejustbecause Member Posts: 1,521

    I didn't said that I said survivor don't get a chance to play a game or make a move they need to look at wall for 2 mins to derank later u as killer if you get gen rushed that's unfortunate but you still had a chance to make moves

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Were you responding to me? If so I'd be okay with that, I guess just depending on what it is the killers would want pity for. In the survivor's case, being camped on the hook means that their agency is removed, they've literally lost the ability to play. Their chance of enjoying the rest of the match is almost entirely dependent upon everyone else in the game except themselves. I'm not anywhere near as experienced with killers and can't currently think of a similar situation for them, in which they're literally unable to do anything, but if there IS a situation in which the survivors can basically prevent them from playing then yes, "mercy bloodpoints" for them would only be fair.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014

    The current ranking system is dumb on both sides.

    If nobody gets hooked, or you're the only one to get hooked because the killer camps you or they tunnel you (even if it costs them 5 gens!) you lose out on so many points in the benevolent and unbroken category.

    If you kill survivors too fast, or they kill themselves on hook, you get punished for it.

    There really should be a better system.

  • KaitsjaKaitsja Member Posts: 1,095

    Ah yes, the classic "play better" argument.

    You're welcome to disagree with the statement that survivors should get points for being tunneled out of the game, but 'get good' does nothing to constructively contribute to the discussion.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    You should absolutely get fewer points if your opponent defeats you, regardless of the strategy they used. That's one of the consequences of losing.

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,631

    "Killer shouldn't lose points for Survivors just using a key and leaving the game early, right when they're on the threshold of getting all their final hook states," you say? Well gee, you're right: that DOES feel pretty bad. If only there were some fix.

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,724

    You can do every gen before someone dies by a camper... issue is alot of people dont do gens, and alot of people dont do chases either.

    Killers wont do this play style if they didnt get rewarded for it, the amount of times I see my own team just running near the hook or show their position to the killer is unreal. They wont let you get a free save, people should focus gens more... WHY DOES NO ONE DO GENS, like seriously lol

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014
    edited June 2021

    Is a 3-man escape really a loss? People keep saying that "Your teammates will get out if you are being camped" as a defense. We keep saying "It's a team game" then also saying that you lose if you die.

    And for that matter is a 4-man escape, 0 hooks, also a loss? Or what about killing all 4?

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,882

    Perhaps 1500 BPs everytime killer is denied a down because of borrowed time, and 300 shards for every key escape?

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