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Nix Perk Tiers

VikingWilsonVikingWilson Member Posts: 789
edited June 2021 in General Discussions

In the early days, it made sense: There were a few killers and a few survivors. That was five years ago. Keeping with a damn-it-all 3-month schedule to release new chapters, there are just too many perks to continue the 3-tier mechanic. For example, I'm 46 webs past 50 on a killer and have yet to see Whispers.

Three tiers are just too much anymore, especially with the little blood points made each match toward that goal. Survivors come out of a match with enough points for two-four things on a bloodweb and that's it. The webs in higher levels are so big with what little bloodpoints are made and that's even before talking about perk tiers.

BHVR could at the least reduce the tiers to two and not three. I'm not saying to restrict them to tier 2 as in the current state, I'm saying to not have a 3rd tier. The perks maintain their strength or weakness as currently is, but would then be the second tier and not a third. First tier you could make 75% as effective, for starters, and tweak it from there. Perhaps 68.4% as effective as tier 2, I'm not sure, but three tiers is too much anymore.


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