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Kind Of Frustrated Over Franklin's Nerf

Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

Like, Moris get turned into jokes as fast as possible, but Keys? Heaven forbid anything counter keys.

Imagine if Killer's had an Offering that let them insta-kill 1-3 Survivors with no animation, if <x> generators were completed with 0 Kills. Like, they just had to run to some random spot on the map and interact with something, and they get free kills.

Survivors would riot (and rightly so). But keys are allowed to give Survivors free escapes with 0 charge and 0 windup animation.

So Killers run Franklin's almost exclusively to counter key builds. ...And now Franklin's does not counter keys, because they are the one item that still does its job at 0 charges

Flashlights don't flicker and dim at 0 charges. Tookboxes don't work slower at 0 charges.

But keys can open the hatch at 0 charges. And now Killers have no counter to this.

I can't read the Dev's mind, so I don't know their future plans, but the look of this nerf really screams 'We won't ever touch keys'. Why would they be 'looking at' keys; an admission that they are aware of the issue Keys represent, then make an unannounced buff to that selfsame item by nerfing the ONE perk to counter them?

(Keep in mind; I've been unable to play since Nemesis launched; my game, even in fullscreen mode, launches with the windows taskbar visible. So I keep clicking out of the game mid-chase. So my info may be a few weeks outdated. So let me know if they wound back this unwarrented and unneeded nerf.)


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