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Strangely enough Pyke from league of legends could actually work in dbd

Zani22Zani22 Member Posts: 443
edited June 2021 in General Discussions

I know league of legends is not a horror game unless your ambushed on your own by the enemy fiddlesticks.

But i have come to the realization that Pyke could easily be added to dbd and just work.

Why is that you ask. Well its to do with his lore. He is basically a undead revenant that kills people that appears on his list thinking that there his old crew which betrayed him.

His old crew are long dead as he killed them all and now anyone in the town of bilgewater are basically dead should he Appear.

Note: also pyke takes orders from a fish he doesn't know this but this was confirmed by lor recently. This opens him up perfectly as an entity puppet because all you need to is grant him false memories and a never-ending list and that's hit hes killing again.

Pykes charector as a whole is also very interesting to explore as its very clear he kills very brutally with the powers he has been given. Slashes them then drowns them in the sea below them. Which is honestly a horrible way to go.

Anyway thats enough of why I think Pyke would work. I wanted to throw this out there to start off a whole wider discussion that off "could killers from non horror games work in dbd"


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