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Cake Rarity, In Numbers

beachedbeached Member Posts: 302

So it seems to be that everyone has different experiences with cake/event items rarity right now. So I actually decided to do a little test with some friends to break down, on average, how many items we each got per level 50 bloodweb. Me and my friends played a lot today so I just had them record 25 bloodwebs each to make the math a little easier.

Me (P3 Felix)- 6/25 Three event items in the bloodweb | 10/25 two event items in the bloodweb. | 9/25 one event item in the bloodweb

Friend 1 (Non-Prestige Dwight) - 5/25 three event items in the bloodweb | 13/25 two event items in the bloodweb | 7/25 one event item in the bloodweb

Friend 2 (P3 Elodie) - 6/25 three event items in the bloodweb | 9/25 two event items in the bloodweb | 10/25 one event item in the bloodweb

If you do the math it’s only about 20% of the time (on average) that a survivor gets 3 event items in a level 50 bloodweb. A whopping (roughly) 34% of the time a survivor gets a SINGLE event item in a level 50 bloodweb on average. Obviously RNG has an impact but these were just our own averages. Although it’s needless to say that the fact that it’s even possible for only one event item to appear in a bloodweb is a bit silly.


  • beachedbeached Member Posts: 302

    I can’t believe behavior is somehow being greedy with even just digital event currency.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,977

    Its just sad. Thats why i´m not surprised when there are only 2 or 3 cakes during a match. Because people simply didn´t get them from the web.

    A double bloodpoint event (or 5 times bloodpoint event, for the sake of the 5th anniversary) would have been much more impactful and greater for the community. Instead we get to spend 50k bloodpoints on a web, in the hope to get 1 cake.

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,920

    Yeah I am not seeing many cakes, and why spend 50k BP to get an item that will give me maybe 20k BP? Most games are either everyone brings an offering or no one does. As a survivor who plays solo, when killers still camp and tunnel during events like these, I can't be bothered to bring an offering to give them more BP when they play like that. I stopped bringing streamers a couple years ago for the same reason.

  • sumps1sumps1 Member Posts: 66

    I brought a cake in… only for none of my other survivors to bring anything. They left me to die on first hook whilst 2 hid in closets. I hate people.

  • CakeDutyCakeDuty Member Posts: 915

    It sucks cause I get about 2/3 cakes in every killer bloodweb, but since survivors have items to compete with the cakes, they are a rarity to get. :/ I am lucky I left my Jill and Leon at P3 lvl 1, so I could level them up and get more event items. From P3 lvl 1 to 50, Jill got 18 cakes and Leon got 15.

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