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I am taking it upon myself to try to end farming.

DominiqVDominiqV Member Posts: 54

I had 2/3 games tonight get ruined by farmers. Its fine once, but more and it is game ruining. So ill be hopping into some games as bubba to kill anyone who attempts to farm. I encourage you all to join me. Let me lay out some tips for this to help you on your travels.


If someone does try to farm, allow all of the people who wish to farm to group up, then clean them up with the saw. This is why we use bubba for this.

In farming games, allow the last survivor to live, unless they want you to chase them, then do so.

Please do comment suggestions of help or salt or a legit criticisms that i will reply to


  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,917

    I haven't actually run into any farmers at all in this event so far at red ranks.

    I think most people just want to play normally.

    However I have noticed that survivors have been going out of their way to be extra annoying this event but I tend to be a troll magnet so meh.

  • ClowningClowning Member Posts: 886

    I share your pain, I'm on a fifth page of fully maxed out perks and still no BBQ.

  • UnicornUnicorn Member Posts: 2,308
    edited July 2021

    Don’t know about your experience with gaining BP in this game is, but I have a very hard time. This game is so grindy, it puts a new definition into place so if I get Killers/Survivors that wanna farm, I will not argue.

  • Dito175Dito175 Member Posts: 1,255

    No thanks I want to get my crowns fast.

  • ObscurityDragonObscurityDragon Member Posts: 710

    People on the game always brag they need BP, the grind is heavy and all...

    Yet when they get many cakes/BP mutipliers and people ready to farm so everyone is happy they end up being like

    "I dOnT wAnT tO fArM iTs BoRiNg"

    I love how this community contradicts itself and cant hold on something

    Its the freaking 5 years of the game, time to have fun and collect some BPs, or you prefer that the survivors slaps the gen asap and gets out again?

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    I’ve been practicing something called “incognito farming”:

    Step 1: Choose a killer you’re okay to good at.

    Step 2: Run BBQ, Corrupt, Distressing, and ToTH with a blood point offering (preferably either a sacrificial cake or bps).

    Step 3: Play partially normal, Chase and hook each survivor AT LEAST ONCE, prevent gens from popping, and other killer activities

    Step 4: Either stop hooking once they’re on death hook and just slug until they complete the generators and escape or kill them with/without give the last one hatch (I prefer the slugging option, but you do you).

    Step 5: Profit (At least 60,000-80,000 if done correctly and assuming no one else brought a bp offering).

  • ExorExor Member Posts: 240

    I did get a farming demo once yesterday, but other than that everything feels the same on the survivor side.

    As a killer on the other hand I noticed a lot of last second key switches. Maybe its just me being (un)lucky. Other than those groups I usually go afk after playing normal and getting 2 hooks on everyone if 3+ cakes are in play so that everyone gets decent points and/or crowns though.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 7,516

    if you dont wanna farm, just hook and kill them.

    and if you're a survivor, just do the gens and leave.

    no one can force you into farming. and if they try, you can report them for it.

  • tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 3,473

    It's what I've been doing and at least plan on the entire event

    I'm not all that interested in "true" farming but I am totally on board with playing the game normally and then just not giving the finishing blow so they can get the 5,000 Survival Points.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 4,335

    I hate farming too. I just play normally, which is honestly, nice enough

  • foxofthestarsfoxofthestars Member Posts: 138

    This is me during the entire event. 😁🚜🚜

  • FancyMrBFancyMrB Member Posts: 1,228

    If survivors wanna farm I will happily do so! Lets get dem BP!

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 1,385

    Hey yea theres this thing called the 5th anniversary event for DBD going on where you can get these offerings called anniversary cakes that lets everyone in the match get a lot of BPs that helps in unlocking perks that take a lot of BPs to do on multiple characters. Its kind of a tradition for people to farm more often than not right now so I'm guessing you haven't picked up on that yet.

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,920

    I almost never see farming anymore, but I do see a lot of games where killers are de-ranking. Like, every time I play, actually. Multiple times.

  • KSzerkerKSzerker Member Posts: 112
    edited July 2021

    What am I supposed to be impressed by here? As killer I usually get 25k+ points every game before bonuses anyways, so why would I do something as boring as farming to get a few thousand more?

    I don't think OP is really doing anything bad tbh. Baiting your opponent is an amusing strategy IMO.

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