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New Game Mode

warmancr1warmancr1 Member Posts: 12
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They need to make a game mode no perks no add ons and no offerings. that way people who want to play a hardcore mode can get away from these toxic killers and give more people something new.

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  • warmancr1warmancr1 Member Posts: 12

    yeah i understand what your saying but it would also give people who dont want to play with these toxic perks like noed or bbq and hexes and stuff and just use skill to play. alot of new players leave because of the way these killers play so give them an option to play another game mode.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Well, I'm all for more options, but I do agree that adding any other mode that requires online play (as opposed to the bot match) would ultimately have a detrimental effect. By dividing the number of available lobbies it would make wait times that much rougher. At the moment, in the American midwest anyway, the game is pretty much killer-only from roughly 8pm to 3 or 4am. Choosing survivor means looking at the "searching for match" screen for anywhere between five and ten minutes.

  • NoTerrorRadiusNoTerrorRadius Member Posts: 197

    I think the OP is on the money here. There needs to be a hardcore mode that just depends on skill. The perks and stuff are a bit gimmicky (at times, not across the board), and playing a mode without that presents a more challenging and legitimate horror experience.

  • BasementDwellerBasementDweller Member Posts: 329

    None of those perks are toxic, and most of them require skill.

  • warmancr1warmancr1 Member Posts: 12

    those perks do not require skill its real easy to 4k with those perks. And there is engnof players that play this to add that to get away from lobby's that have been nothing but toxic camping killers, I play both equal and i would just like to play like i do when i stream with friends no perks add on' and no offerings that would be so great if it was a hardcore game mode. and it will bring new people just for those modes. bring the game back to its roots

  • Karao_KeKarao_Ke Member Posts: 1,217

    That's why if they were to ever bring different gamemodes, that they would be for a limited time and not forever.

    Not only does this give them more time to create different variations but it also would force players to play the gamemode before it's gone. Granted, I imagine they'd recycle the same ones every once and awhile.

  • KalmorphKalmorph Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2021

    I can agree that NOED isn't toxic cause it's the only "good" perk that doesn't come from a killer, and also gen rush is something fairly easy to do, but If you go into a match already expecting to lose 5 gens, you're assuming even before the match start that you don't have skill.

    As for the topic, that goes without saying, lobby already have a hella big amount of time, matchmaking already sucks, imagine putting even more separated people.

  • warmancr1warmancr1 Member Posts: 12

    also it would not be that hard to make it with no perks because you can do it right now in customs turn off everything so its there and done already, all it would need to do is enable that game type so don't make it seem you would have to change everything just to play that game mode its easy. so really it would be just enough people to vote but you have those try hard's that cant live without there BBQ and op perks. Like I said it would be nice to just have something different for a change because I don't know about anyone else but im tired from the same thing over and over i would just like something new for match making. Being killer now is really easy and playing survivor is just annoying if you dont have a full team you get terrible randoms, and killers that all just run the same perks and do nothing but tunnel and camp. so it would just be nice for something new. Matchmaking will never change it will always suck does not matter what they do to fix it it just sucks lol. there are enough people to fill the lobby but because of poor matchmaking it takes forever.

  • papichulopapichulo Member Posts: 271

    Majority of the community will want to choose this gamemode so theres no toxicity. That means regular matches queue will be devastating

  • OopsAllHexesOopsAllHexes Member Posts: 624

    So what? We already have crossplay.

    You shouldn't still be suffering massive queue times.

    BTW, a way to fix this would be to add a tracker to the main menu that shows activity on both modes. Would fix the issue nicely.

  • warmancr1warmancr1 Member Posts: 12

    yeah its funny how long it takes to get a match we set a timer and if its longer then 7 min we back out make a new lobby. worst was an hour thirty five min to get a match just to see how long it would take.

  • TigerwaveTigerwave Member Posts: 34

    Big problem. A killer without perks is much weaker then 4 survivors without perks.

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