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Thoughts on Calm Spirit?

It seems like I'm the only person who actually likes Calm Spirit, as I run it as part of my main perk build. I very rarely see others use it except for the rather uncommon Jake going for adept. I find the perk very useful in certain situations.

Whenever the killer is the Doctor or Nightmare, the killer is using Infectious Fright, Iron Maiden, or Dragon's Grip, or the killer is using one of the few addons that cause screaming, and I don't have Calm Spirit, I feel very exposed. Calm Spirit helps against Doctor, as he can no longer track you via the static blast alone (without specific addons, which are countered by Distortion.) It helps with Freddy as you can step on his snares without shouting, allowing you to effectively disarm them for your team without Freddy finding you. Calm Spirit is arguably most effective against Infectious Fright, as it's a somewhat common perk, and Calm Spirit renders you completely immune to it's effects. An angry Oni with Infectious Fright ain't so powerful when Calm Spirit is around.

On the other hand, these situations are quite uncommon, so Calm Spirit is rarely actually used. The perk is very good at what it does, but what it does rarely comes into play. However, I simply don't mind using a perk slot for Calm Spirit, as when these situations DO happen, I feel quite hopeless.

What do you guys think about Calm Spirit? Do you think it's absolute trash (like many others seem to think,) do you think it's actually useful? Or something else?


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