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No Legion Crown?

So for some reason I'm not getting any crowns for Legion. So far I played as Frank, Julie, and Susie. Each getting the crown, getting the "Crowned" notification during the match, and getting the "Unlocked Crown" notification on the results screen, but it never is in the cosmetics. Am I doing something wrong or is anyone else experiencing this too?


  • Chaotic_RiddleChaotic_Riddle Member Posts: 1,949

    Just a bug, you'll sadly have to keep trying until the game decides it want to just give it to you. You'll also only get Frank's crown, since apparently they didn't make one for Julie, so be prepared for that too.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 8,662

    Probably just a bug

  • Sir_HisagiSir_Hisagi Member Posts: 3

    Update: Same thing happened with the Plague. Guess bug won't let me get crowns today. Oh well

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