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Devs DON'T make this, ABSOLUTELY.

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Sorry but I have night mode on so the screenshot is blackened.

The temporary solution is TERRIBLE, and this is why:

A lot of times there will be a situation where you'll need as killer to force a survivor to go to the second stage, because for the past 50 seconds survivors did gens across the map and didn't go rescue. Those times you go near to the hook protecting it, and you'll have to grab the rescuer to prevent the save.

Those times, it is crucial not to hit the rescuer, because just that mistake can flip the match. If for lag issue the grab instead of getting cancelled just hits the survivor, that's a huge problem, because now you can no longer force the survivor to go II stage unless the other 1/2 survivors come to bodyblock the rescuer from being grabbed.

Pls don't do this!

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