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Pig Buff

ShisnavekShisnavek Member Posts: 9

Pig Buff 58 votes

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  • NoOneKnowsNovaNoOneKnowsNova Member Posts: 2,280
    edited July 2021

    Just voting what the devs think.

    Expect a nerf soon.

  • ShisnavekShisnavek Member Posts: 9

    Why would she be nerfed. She's like the worst killer

  • ShisnavekShisnavek Member Posts: 9

    oh ok

  • WishIcouldmainWishIcouldmain Member Posts: 3,858

    Full on rework

  • JarolJarol Member Posts: 1,985

    Really what buff would you give it?

  • ShisnavekShisnavek Member Posts: 9

    Traps are fine. Crouching needs to be more affective.

  • rharha Member Posts: 250

    She’s one of the few killers I still enjoy playing. She could need as bit of love but I am rarely happy with the recent choices of the design team, so I think I‘d be happier if they don’t touch her.

    If they touch pig I‘d fear that one of two things would happen:

    1. they touch the right thing (the dash) but overtune it so much that it doesn’t take much skill to land unavoidable hits and make her super boring to play

    2. they make her RBTs super deadly and massively nerf her dash to compensate

  • GruulGruul Member Posts: 130

    No, Pig isn't the strongest killer but that's okay she's still perfectly usable that creates fun moments with head popping.

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 8,477

    They’ll probably nerf Pig and buff Spirit though sadly.

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,098

    All she needs is one or two nerfs reverted and that is it.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,696

    There are many killers I would change first.

  • ShoobyShooby Member Posts: 151

    Buffing Pig is a slippery slope.

    Her RNG RBTs skew her kill rate and make her appear much stronger statistically than she really is.

    I would love for Pig to be buffed, but to buff her by making Ambush stronger, you must first address her RBTs, Jigsaw Boxes, and addons that give you more of them, like Last Will.

  • katerbaterkaterbater Member Posts: 117

    She's not strong, and I want a buff, but I also want more ways to stop the tunneling of people with traps :( but it's ok I still love amanda so much

  • GamerEzraGamerEzra Member Posts: 853

    I think they should improve her stealth ability.

  • Daniel28Daniel28 Member Posts: 9

    I think they should add ad ons for pig like wraith where she don’t make noise when doing an ambush, and another add onfor more faster crouching speed

  • ShisnavekShisnavek Member Posts: 9

    wow a lot happened when I was gone. (I was in canda)

  • BoobaBooba Member Posts: 62

    gimme power oink oink

  • KajdanKiKajdanKi Member Posts: 206

    She should be able to oink survivors when in stealth mode. Also her addons are total crap. Nobody uses pink ones just few violet and one common for crouch time.

    Tweak her addons and she's gonna be allright!

  • RoboMojoRoboMojo Member Posts: 1,287

    She needs a rework to be honest. If you don't buff her enough then she'll stay as she is now (Annoying to play against and rather weak) or if she's buffed too much then she could actually become too oppressive. So yeah, some kind of rework is necessary I feel.

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