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Why are killer ques so long?



  • FengisKawaiiFengisKawaii Member Posts: 307

    I´m guessing people A) still want to try Nemesis and more importantly B) want to ensure they get many BP in their matches. I can only anecdotally report that there´s been a huge influx of terrible killers (survivor mains?) and the vast majority of matches end in 0k or 1k, so I´m happy to take my 150k+ per soloq match and have an instant qeue ^-^

  • MomentosisMomentosis Member Posts: 820

    This is to be expected. If you've been playing for awhile you'll have noticed the patterns.

    Killer queue gets long when

    • New Killer is released
      • Everyone wants to play the new killer.
    • BP Events
      • It's easier to get BP as killer. Every bonus BP and other events has everyone playing killer to farm BP. Blame the ######### dead stupid grind.

    Don't listen to Sluzzy or these other posters who are saying survivors are leaving. They're just talking nonsense. This increased queue happens EVERY TIME because of the two points I mentioned.

    I almost always wait weeks before I try the new killers because the queues get so long every release. I'm willing to sit through these wait times on events though.

  • StibbityStabbityStibbityStabbity Member Posts: 1,459

    "People are leaving the game"

    Steamcharts: DBD has 90,000+ players, beating some of the most popular PC games on the market.

    Ya, nah, they aren't leaving.

  • IliketoplaykillerIliketoplaykiller Member Posts: 352
    edited July 2021

    Even if it’s because of survivor mains wanting more points on killers and re chapter bringing in new people I don’t think it would have this much effect on red ranks queues. I get that it’s not the hardest thing to do to get to red ranks but it’s also not the easiest once you start hitting those swf teams that have somewhat of a brain. There’s been like 70k+ people playing lately so I’m thinking not enough servers to host games?

    Edit: those are just steam numbers, probably a lot more people playing on console as well.

  • Moonman157Moonman157 Member Posts: 91

    I think Nemesis and bloodpoints are the two biggest reasons. But I also wonder if the busted survivor emblems are another contributing reason. It’s currently really difficult to pip thanks to broken benevolent emblem so killers of varying ranks are competing for the same pool of survivors.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 5,976

    Nemesis is still new killer so more are playing killer to play as him.

    Getting crowns as killer is 0 effort.

    During event killers get more BP easier.

    Event as survivor isn't fun so waiting until event is over to play again.

  • KSzerkerKSzerker Member Posts: 110

    I've been getting plenty of BP on survivor just playing normally with WGLF and whatever BP offerings are used. Are people really that bad at survivor they can't get 20k+ in most games?

  • DorminDormin Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2021

    7/10 of the killers i faced were camping and tunneling and guaranteeing easy 3-4k against my solo queue teams, i switched to killer to make use of cakes and not feed it to ######### killers who sweat their arses off, i'm sure a lot of people are in a similar situation. The BP gains are also really unfair, i always play killer when i need BP, because even if u do exceptionally well as survivor, you will rarely get more BP than a less skilled killer.

    Killer overall has too much capability to ruin and make the game unfair, as someone who plays both in red ranks, just because swf is strong doesn't mean you should keep nerfing survivor and buffing killers, majority play solo queue and is a terrible experience after all these balance changes that i'm considering finding a swf team to be able to enjoy survivor again.

  • th3th3 Member Posts: 1,697

    Or they consistently are matched against killers playing in esports mode or camping them cause they have the crown glow.

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,862

    Killers are making out like bandits on this event. I literally have 200+ cakes spread out on my 4 main killers, and its only day 4 of this 15 day event. Survivors have it rough in this regard because they have 3 items competing with the cakes in the bloodweb RNG so its more likely that they'll get one of those items instead of a Cake, whereas killers only have the cake showing up so they can get between 1 and 4 cakes per bloodweb.

    Naturally, most people have realized this, and more are playing killer than ever before due to the massive amount of BP gain and cakes they can stockpile in their inventories for the year to come. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as survivors have always outnumbered the killer players for the longest time, which has resulted in long survivor queues and short killer queues. Now things feel a bit more inverted as far as wait times go, but hopefully this will also mean that there'll be more killer players available from this point on, and the overall wait time for both sides will even out to under a minute after the event ends.

  • PsychoTronPsychoTron Member Posts: 349

    Disable cross play. Someone on the stream forum suggested this for a fix for slow killer queues.

  • CotJockyCotJocky Member Posts: 199

    When there is not an event going on, exactly the same for me. I'm North America. Might be different for folks in other regions?

  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    ??? Ah... hmmm.... huh? Not attacking, just surprised to read this coming from you. Or is this sarcasm?

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 5,843

    My queues were about 2 minutes for both pre anniversary. During the anniversary, instant for survivors and about 4 minutes for killer.

    Pretty sure it is because you can get 100-200k bloodpoints a game for killer and survivors get... Way less. Imagine spending a cake that is already harder to get as a survivor and then getting face camped after first down.

    Better to just go killer right now, pretty sure it will return to a balance after the event.

  • PurgatorianPurgatorian Member Posts: 1,133

    My queues were less than 30 seconds for killer until last night. My insomnia has kicked in so I am a night player right now, it had extended to 10 minutes for my queue times as killer, hopefully tonight is a bit better.

    10 minute queue times for 5 minute matches are not good imo.

  • offwhiteknightoffwhiteknight Member Posts: 172

    Killer queues are long because Killer is easier to get extra BP and crowns on. A lot of survivor mains are playing killer for the event.

    IRONY: Survivors are complaining that killer toxicity is at an all time high. You'd think it would be the other way around with so many non-toxic survivors coming to the dark side and diluting the pool. I think survivors might have inadvertently proven that killer mains have been correct all along.

  • Lord_TonyLord_Tony Member Posts: 2,109

    Good these survivor mains can finally find out how hard killer is

  • Lord_TonyLord_Tony Member Posts: 2,109

    holy ######### I just got into a lobby in 10 SECONDS!

    but the downside is that it's swf.

    So are all my games swf now?

  • DorminDormin Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2021

    Killers have been playing this way long before the event, lol. If anything, it shows there is such an abundance of toxic killers that it doesn't even feel lessened too much despite a lot of survivors playing killer now and being more fair.

  • offwhiteknightoffwhiteknight Member Posts: 172

    It's not that killer is necessarily harder, but that the toxicity of killers has increase with a bunch of survivors playing killer. Guess most survivors (playing killer) are camping and tunneling so that those playing survivor can't get their crowns and farming done. Ironic. Definitely would seem to indicate that the killer mains have been right all along as to where the toxicity in this game originates.

  • offwhiteknightoffwhiteknight Member Posts: 172

    Mathematically that make no sense. The complaint is that it is not lessened at all, but increased.

  • DorminDormin Member Posts: 8

    Yours makes no sense too, how do you know it's not because a lot of killers not playing extra toxic so survivors don't get any BP?

    I make sure everyone gets a lot of BP when i play killer because i know how most killer mains are horrible, at least in red ranks.

  • justbecausejustbecause Member Posts: 1,521

    I'm Eu servers and it's same thing here but might be different for some

  • offwhiteknightoffwhiteknight Member Posts: 172

    100 toxic killer mains = 100% toxic killers

    100 toxic killer mains + 100 non-toxic survivor mains playing killer = 50% toxic killers

    Basic math skills buddy. Makes perfect sense if you have them.

  • DorminDormin Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2021

    A lot more killers being more toxic than they otherwise would doesn't go with what u say. I'm sure all those p3 rank 1 spirits and wraiths with ruin undying pop sloppy and iri addons were survivor mains... sure lol.

  • offwhiteknightoffwhiteknight Member Posts: 172

    It does actually. There is only one killer in each game. No matter how toxic that killer is he only affects 1 game at a time. If there are non-toxic survivors playing killer you will get fewer toxic games. Fact. It may not be the narrative you want but it is the math and it doesn't lie. The end result is no matter how you try to spin it, those survivors playing killer right now are in fact toxic as hell and fornicating you in your anus.

  • yeetyeet Member Posts: 1,814

    "survivors got nerfed for 5 years" not like that's a bad thing

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