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Enough reskinned yellow items. Survivors want cakes!

Just put 600k into a level 50 character and got 2 cakes. Thats about 12 bloodwebs and only 2 cakes. #########? Yes there are other event items but survivors don't want reskinned yellow medkits, toolboxes and flashlights. Give us the cakes!

Seriously, we have gone so long with no blood hunts. I was soo looking forward to stocking up on cakes. It is such a disappointment to see that new bloodweb spawn in and quickly scan it over and see NO cakes. But hey I got another reskinned yellow flashlight and a reskinned yellow toolbox. But wait, there is a brown gift box, maybe it has a cake! Nope, just a brown flashlight lens. Come on BHVR, its the 5th anniversary event, give us some love!

(And then I play a match and the offerings are 4 cakes and a mori. Come on killers, play those cakes!)


  • Majin151Majin151 Member Posts: 991

    Ngl i prefer the reskins over the cakes on my survivor bloodwebs imo anniversary cakes work better for killer as they get more points per match most of the time and also a killer I'm saving my anniversary cakes for a huge bbq grinders for easy future teachables from new characters in the future but I will be using my escape cakes(when I get them in the blood web) to help out a little bit

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,608

    So far my best. 5 items and 4 of them cakes. One of them was in that brown secret box. Otherwise its like 1 maybe 2 event items per bloodweb.

    And its not any better on killers, at least for me

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