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Pls Make Surv Gameplay more demanding !!! :)

SoulVampSoulVamp Member Posts: 6

It would be great if survs had more to do than only generators !!!

great idea would be - finding fuel to start generator
make survs have unique roles that each person has to chose before game start, like :

  • medic: only this person can heal other surviwors - like everybody could use self-heal but only medic would be
    able to heal others and what's more to do it faster

  • engineer: only this person can do gens faster

  • athlete: only this person has an additional percentage to running and pallet dropping while being chased by killer
  • technician: fuels generators faster than others and opens door faster ( or if technician is alive only he is able to open
    doors something like that)
    also doing 5 gens to open doors is fine but what about other way - generators have to be done so there is power needed to
    open door but after doing gens make survs find keys that would be needed to open doors ( aint that more interesting )
    If you have other ideas pls share them here would like to here them and get more excited for possible changes :)


  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 3,685

    Out of what perspective are you suggesting these changes @SoulVamp? Do you prefer to play killer and intend to use these changes for your benefit? Do you play survivor and want more of a challenge besides No Mither? What's your angle here?

  • Demonsouls1993Demonsouls1993 Member Posts: 261
    Oh here's an idea go play last year the nightmare cuz it does that
  • You're making this out to be some class-based shooter, which is a big nono. The only thing I could kind of agree with here is them having to get 'gas' to start up the generators. Even then, it shouldn't be you having to get gas for every one. Maybe the first two, or three. This is a heavily survivor biased game, I agree. But that should, by no means, be a green-light to make the game impossible to win for. By associating every character with a specific role, and "class", you're limiting the viability, and operation of the plethora of different perks, abilities, and items that was incorporated throughout the game. It'll make the game a carbon copy, and that is almost definitely the last thing bEHaviour wants in their game.

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