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Nurse has so much bugs and glitches

Benimaru_ShinmonBenimaru_Shinmon Member Posts: 3
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There are a lot of bugs in this game, but please could you to solve the problem from nurse. She's the only killer where you have at least a few chances against sweaty swfs. But all these bugs. e.g. the blink bug that the second blink doesn't work anymore, then the bug when she is stunned and also in fatigue or completely in the new Police Department Map where you fall through the floor and you have to wait a few seconds until you get back into the game. sometimes there is also a bug in which the hitbox should actually hit because the surv are in front of you but doesn't count (especially on console). she just has too many bugs and nobody cares. what still occurred to me if you want to port up the shack then port it down even though you look up. Please fix the only good killer with the high potential. the other killers have no high potential. 

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  • beachedbeached Member Posts: 302

    Not to mention her blinks. Are extremely laggy and stuttery at the moment

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