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gens feel really faster now

overchanoverchan Member Posts: 47
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i were a main killer and never liked to play survivor that much but since the RE chapter released gens feel SO much faster, then i played some matches as survivor to see if it was just me being dumb or what

well i really think gens are really fast at the point that either you play spirit, nurse or any killer that have massive map pressure with ruin/undying/pop/corrupt or you'll just end the match with one hook if you're lucky, like, i watched some really good streamers playing as killer and they struggled the whole match just to get one or two hooks, idk if anyone feels like me but it feels really bad to play as killer, and it doesn't feel really good to play as survivor either.

am i that dumb and gens are the same they used to be or any of you feel that gens got faster too?

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  • PurgatorianPurgatorian Member Posts: 1,133
    edited July 2021

    They get done at least 50% quicker at least for most games for me right now. I went from 10-20 minute matches to 5 minute matches, every hook I get gens popping. It's like their linked together lol.

    This is not to say the speed has increased but 4 survivors on 4 gens, time for me to find one, get in a chase and down one, then carry them to hook... 3 gens done. Then 2 split up with one going for the unhook then straight back on gens... Completed, end game.

    That's how I roughly view survivors in my games playing.

  • BenihimeWrathBenihimeWrath Member Posts: 968

    I've had a lot of games lately where I'll load into the map and maybe 20-25 seconds in a generator will pop tinkerer. Its enormously discouraging, now I just d/c if 2 generators pop with no hooks. I might as well just take the 5 minute break instead of trying to finish out the match.

  • DoomedMindDoomedMind Member Posts: 793

    Okay boys, you take your best chrono, and you activate it while doing a gen. If you're solo it will take 80s without boost, and if you're two or more it will depend when you will start to work on it.

    Survivors are getting better and better with time, more productive. That's all.

  • lr01lr01 Member Posts: 62

    said that 2 or 3 weeks ago and everyone was saying how dumb i am and how I dont know how to play. I hope no one treats you the same way. I agree they are way too fast.

  • SPADESinstSPADESinst Member Posts: 65

    A lot of survivors are being a lot faster with gens for crowns (at least that's what majority are doing.) I noticed that lately when the event started, but didn't matter to me because I been letting survivors keep them. I'll hook them not to derank but leave them alone the minute they finish the last gen or everyone is on death hook.

    To be far I even tested it today with some friends. Casual swf I guess, but we rarely use vc seeing our group is sometimes 50% pc and 50% console. We ended up finishing three gens within the first minute of the game (all on different gens, I was the one looping) and I felt so bad for the killer. They did end up tunneling one of our friends who was new to dbd though, fair honestly we looked like a sweaty try hard SWF.

  • johndeen33johndeen33 Member Posts: 43

    If every survivor was on a gen from the beginning of the match without 0 interceptions from the killer it would take 3 minutes to finish all of them. (Not taking into count finding gens and running to new ones). If you manage to get ONLY 1 HOOK in 3 minutes then I'm sorry to tell you but it's most likely your fault that the games are ending quickly.

  • EleoEleo Member Posts: 19

    As a killer, I can't be four places at once, but survivors can. In the time it takes me to win a chase against one good survivor, a good team will easily complete a couple of gens. Stopping as many as 1 survivors from doing a gen at a time simply isn't fast enough when they only have to finish 5 gens. Games are won when survivors spend so much time regrouping that they never have time to get gens done, but this requires you to build up a level of momentum that may never get going. Survivor success seems to work similarly, you bust out three gens while making sure no one gets hooked twice and your momentum is so strong that you've basically won.

    It just seems like I'm forked into either: spending so much time chasing and hooking while all the gens get done anyway; or giving up on chases and trying to pressure gens that no one ever really gets knocked.

    I'm still moving up the ranks as survivor but what I'm seeing from killers is they a) run a lot of perks that slow down gen progress, b) camp hooks and tunnel aggressively, c) run post-completion perks like NOED to compensate for not being able to stop you from finishing the gens. I find it frustrating, but as a red rank killer, I get it, gens get done too quickly and having four survivors on the board at once makes this very easy.

    I just basically stopped playing killer lately because it's just not fun. I used to be kicking ass. I was never one to run NOED or Ruin because I felt like they were crutches for bad killers. I've found myself running Ruin and Corrupt Intervention more often (NOED is still for cowards), like anything to stop survivors from blowing through half the gens before I get a hook.

  • BenihimeWrathBenihimeWrath Member Posts: 968

    I think your math might be mistaken. It takes 80 seconds for a generator to be completed solo from 0 to 100%. If 3 people are on 3 different generators, that means it takes 80 seconds to pop 3 generators. So I'm not sure where you are getting 3 minutes, because 80 seconds is not even a single minute and a half.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,696

    Gens are no different. Apply pressure or they will fly.

  • FirelliusFirellius Member Posts: 1,866

    Because there's five gens. First three pop at 80 seconds, then there's three people to do two more gens. They split up so one gen gets done in about 45 seconds while the other gen is soloed for another 80 seconds.

    That's 160 seconds for all five gens, but that does not account for the time taken to locate and move to these gens. Adding 20 seconds for that purpose is very generous as it will likely take longer.

    That puts the total over 180 seconds, which is three minutes.

  • whereismykebabwhereismykebab Member Posts: 173

    Maybe the generator speed could be dependant on map size and take longer on huge maps. I had a gen pop before I was even able to reach the furthest one from my starting point and there are killers with even worse mobility.

  • ElProfessorMochilaElProfessorMochila Member Posts: 4

    That doesn’t make any sense. I’m rank 1 killer and rank1 survivor. Gens are perfect. You just need to know how to apply pressure on gens and not on hooks. Not comitting to a chase in a good loop. Giving up on chases near gens etc etc.. sometimes has survivor I complete gens 10meters away from killer cuz they just want the chase. Sloppy butcher is a good perk against gens cuz they take more time to heal. And if they are healing… they are not making gens. If they don’t heal is like they are exposed. Simple.. and there are a lot of perks combined. Also.. try to make survivors complete the gens that are far away. In the end of the game it will be 3 gens close to each other and it’s easy to finish the match

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