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Survivor Tutorial, got slugged, couldn't rescue Meg

So I went down by the Trapper, but he didn't pick me up and just looked at me. Then he walked to the pallet where Meg was and got pallet slammed and Meg ran away. I crawled over as the tutorial said "Reach Meg" but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do because I'm on the ground!

The tutorial froze when I got to the pallet:

Second time I played the tutorial this didn't happen.

One thing of note is that I had to go AFK for about 5+ minutes when the first tutorial tip popped up with Dwight's name. Another thing is that when Trapper hit me the first time, he was standing in front of me. The 2nd time, Trapper hit me from the side from behind.

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Do you have a video by any chance or logs?


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