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Why do the devs continually add ugly ghoul & goblin men?

CornHubCornHub Member Posts: 1,864
edited July 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

I mean look at this

Mind you this is the face of their game

Just a grotesque looking man staring on the front cover of their game. Why do they have the men in their game look like this, but then the women are all America's next top model? And before people mention Trickster that's one man out of all the other killers. Its misandrist they design males like this.

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  • CornHubCornHub Member Posts: 1,864

    Ignoring the chest hole she has a symmetrical face, few facial disfigurements, & a well proportioned body. Now look at billy or Blight, you can't make the same assessments

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 7,967

    Which female killer exactly looks like America’s Next Topmodel?

    And since you are using Trapper with mask, don’t take those female killer as survivor renders from YouTube please, but the actual in-Game designs

  • xEmoGirlxAlexisxxEmoGirlxAlexisx Member Posts: 145

    Because they are Killer and its a " Horror " Game 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • CornHubCornHub Member Posts: 1,864

    When you compare only the male & female killers one can see an obvious bias in their design

  • UnchartedUncharted Member Posts: 136

    I wish I versed Trickster more. The view never gets old.

  • AdelooAdeloo Member Posts: 1,393
    edited July 2021

    I would like to add Plague to the table.

    Yes her base without putrefaction is beautiful but she is probably the one of the most disfigured killer of the game, after Hag.

    Which means the top 2 disfigured killers are both female.

  • CornHubCornHub Member Posts: 1,864

    I said Trickster doesn't count because thats one male killer out of all the non-ugly female characters

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 3,149


  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 7,967
    edited July 2021

    But all female killers look ugly..

    You could say Charlotte may look relatively normal, but even then with your logic she would just be an exception and she looks still objectively ugly.

    edit: if Charlotte counts as good-looking, then Clown actually counts as well.. and Deathslinger too to some degree.

  • NebulaNebula Member Posts: 452

    This is such a strange take. This is a horror game and these are all killers, they’re not supposed to all be sex icons.

  • CornHubCornHub Member Posts: 1,864

    Name one male model who looks close facially or body wise to some of these male killers? I'm sorry, but someone's gotta call out the devs on this one.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,365
    edited July 2021

    Why is OP not comparing Killers to other Killers and Survivors to other Survivors?

    (It's because OP is being disingenuous.)

  • ClowningClowning Member Posts: 886
    edited July 2021

    The good news is, that there's an entire website for people like you.

  • CornHubCornHub Member Posts: 1,864

    >:/ I don't want sexier male killers that isn't the point of my post.

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 1,845

    isn't being hideous and disfigured the entire frigging point of half the killer designs? Nemesis and Hillbilly in particular?

  • MistikusMistikus Member Posts: 1,332

    oh dear you should know that this comminity is beyond thirsty

  • PluPlu Member Posts: 1,405

    I don't think we have the same definiton of " Top models" then, most female characters in this game looks terrible...and that's fine.

    If anything they have better looking dudes than gals in this game, idk if you saw how trapper looks without his mask but he's pretty handsome.

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,676

    This is a horror game mind you, even when it doesn't look like one. All of the characters have either masks or disfigurements. Besides trickter there basically isn't anyone fancy looking.

  • DrekatharDrekathar Member Posts: 61

    Call of the devs on this one?! Are you trying to rub one out or play the game? They're supposed to be horrific figures and the female killers are not too pretty either. Hag is ugly, plague is disfigured, charlotte is plain ugly, pig has a pig head, spirit is a ghost and maybe she was pretty when she was alive but she is DEAD, that's not what I'm into. What are you on about???!!?!?

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014

    Hag is America's Next Top Model? Or Nurse?

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,816

    Given that you are only talking about killers, there's only one who doesn't have either a mask or twisted, mutilated face and/or body in the entire game: Trickster.

    And if you're talking about survivors, then it's purely down to personal taste and pointless to discuss. You may as well be trying to start an argument about your favourite number.

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