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Nurse Blinks Stuttering/Swallowed

beachedbeached Member Posts: 302

Ever since the release of the resident evil chapter nurse has been performing horribly. Me and other friends who play her have noticed getting our blinks reverted after blinking, being teleported back, and overall stuttering while playing her on any given map. This has been happening to streamers as well who main her.

Platform: PC (Steam)

Description: Her blinks are being swallowed causing stuttering and even leading to being stuck in walls and objects. Of course in addition to the ever present blink bug, M1 bug, and various others. Blink bug seems to be happening much more. Also the clicking from a pallet when stunned

Steps to Reproduce: Play nurse.

How often: Every match

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  • syainsyain Member Posts: 420

    Hope they try to fix this soon. Really makes playing nurse unnecessarily frustrating.

  • mtorquatomtorquato Member Posts: 31

    this is happening with me too! I thought it was me

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