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Is Pig Balanced?

Hey guys,

i watched some Videos of the Pig and before buying her i wanted to ask you, what youre thinking about the pig and her current state of the game. I really like how much potential she has when it comes down to just having fun but as we all know, its not always about fun in an competetive Game like DBD.

CMWinter (Current world record Pig Main) said there are a few builds for her but there is (in his opinion) only one good build, which he is using for like half a year which contains the following perks:

  • Save The Best For Last
  • Corrupted
  • Tinkerer
  • Pop

Also is there a way to play Pig without "Save the best for last" and "corrupted" as i dont own the Killers? Would love to hear from piggy mains or players who have experience playing as piggy and against piggy.



  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 2,822

    You don't have to run those specific perks. Sloppy and Whispers are great perks for her and you can get it on anyone anytime. Mike and Plague have some good/fun perks so I would get them when you can as corrupt is a top perk and really helps certain killers a lot. What killers you have unlocked?

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,338

    Tampered Timer, Crate of Gears, and Jigsaw's Sketch are ridiculous add-ons and need a rework. Actually, give her an add-on pass.

    I think Pig needs GF's crouch tbh, her ambush charge time is long enough.

    With these changes I think Pig will be a very balanced killer.

  • ZokenayZokenay Member Posts: 573

    I feel her addons are the main issue, i honestly feel you shouldn't die even when you focus entirely to remove the Reverse Bear Trap due to awful luck

    As for her ambush, it does need a bit of tunning, cause people compare it to Ghostface but remember that GF doesnt lose his TR by crouching unlike her, so its not surprising hers is slower.

    She could probably use a rework on her secondary abilities and tunning her addons

  • LordofweedLordofweed Member Posts: 254

    I got Oni, Demo and Nemesis. I switched to Pc and on Console i got nearly every killer but pig is new to me as i mentioned.

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 2,822

    Okay well with what you have I would probably run Monitor, Sloppy, Surge and/or Eruption, 4th slot being a tracking perk and you should have access to whispers, Nurses, Lethal pursuer, Bitter murmer, Bloodhound, Spies, and imo the best one Surveillance (Pig perk). Also note enduring and or Brutal another combo you can try. One of these combos will surely fit your style and get the job done.

  • _NIGHTMARE__NIGHTMARE_ Member Posts: 653

    My preferred build is Tinkerer, Surveillance, Ruin and Make your Choice.

    I personally think that she is reasonably well balanced, though I'm a bit biased as I pay her often.


  • spirit72spirit72 Member Posts: 153
    edited July 2021

    I've always thought that Piggy can be a pretty nasty Killer, though that's true of most of them when in the right hands. I know she's one I prefer not to see. :) Stealth is her strong suit along with her Ambush attack. Choosing perks that accentuate that stealth and increase her map control can really make her scary.

  • Dovahkat963Dovahkat963 Member Posts: 45

    Main problem is definitely her addons. A large chunk of them just add debuffs when you RBT someone, which is effectively worthless 99% of the time. So that pretty much leaves 2 options. Ambush build: use the addons that buff the ambush dash, or Oppressive Traps: Stacking the addons that make the RBTs more likely to kill. Which is entirely reliant on RNG to be effective. And many players consider the ambush itself to be worthless (I completely disagree but thats beside the point), so most people just go for (potentially) deadlier traps.

  • Lord_TonyLord_Tony Member Posts: 2,109

    pig needs an add on to make her squel silent

    wraith can silence his bell but pig can't shut up?

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 1,065

    She is rather weak now compared to other killers. Mostly because she stayed the same or got nerfed, while others got strong reworks and the newer killers are pretty strong.

    You dont need those two perks, just try to build around her strengths, which is slowdown from her traps. As meta as it sounds, a full slowdown build would synergize well with her traps. Otherwise you can use Whisper and Monitor&Abuse together and when you patrol gens, you can crouch when whispers lights up.

    Pretty generic M1 killer with slowdown for the most part.

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