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fix lery''s memorial institute

Lery's, is perhaps the worst map in the game due to the endless amount of loops for no god damn reason. There are loops so stupid that any survivor with sprint burst can loop the killer indefinitely. Now i know your saying "but what about blood lust?", and that's another part of the issue the loops have objects so tall that the line of sight is constantly broken and thus causes blood lust to be absolutely and completely worthless. As a killer I was looped for 3 whole minutes around one stupid circle that almost all survivors knew about, to the point that if i were to chase any one of them, bam straight to the god damn [BAD WORD] circle. I love this game but because of lery's nonstop loops I loose games due to the fact i now refuse to play there. Please if the devs actually read these help us out and fix the lery's memorial, its driving me absoultly mad.



  • CornChipCornChip Member Posts: 540

    I thought Lery's had the second lowest survival rate in the devs data from a couple of weeks ago on stream, followed by the game map.

  • HuN7r3sSHuN7r3sS Member Posts: 206
    Ah you're talking about the infinite, just about every map has at least one, finding a way to counter them depends on how quick and clever you are in reading survivors movements
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