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Dead hard is the literal definition of a Crutch Perk

GaffyGaffy Member Posts: 222

Did the killer catch you in the open by their own game knowledge and you would be dead otherwise? Just press E and have an i-frame to make it to the next loop.

Did the killer red light mind game you at a pallet and there's no way to recover from the distance the killer has gained towards you? Just press E to instantly dodge their swing and be safe at the pallet.

This perk is the literal definition of a crutch, a way to fix a mistake you made on your own accord and completely negate all mind game from the killers side.

And the excuse of "wait it out" is complete and utter BS when this perk is used for the distance instead of the damage 80% of the time by better players. Can't wait until BHVR puts this perk in the trash where it belongs, zero mind game or counters for free invincibility and distance because you played badly and got injured.



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