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My DBD makes my RTX 2070 to go at 85 degrees in main menu, all the time

It only happens in the menu of the game, every part of it. My fans are getting super fast, not like in any other game and HW Monitor says it reaches around 84/85 degrees. It doesn't stop until it loads in to the match.

Temperatures in actual game are looking okay, reaching maximum of 70 degrees and that's it. GPU seems totally fine, I don't have such issues in other games, nor even in the actual DBD game like I said. It's only in menu. The loudness of my fans freaks me out a bit as I definitely don't want to get artifacts on my card.

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  • AsuraAsura Member Posts: 39
    edited July 2021

    I have had this problem since the release of the Resident Evil chapter. Everything was fine before that. Issue persists after this latest update as well.

    Idling in the lobby or store shoot my GPU usage to 100% and my temperatures reach 89 degrees Celsius. I'm playing using a 2080 TI.

    Fan noises as OP described are indeed scary because they're both running at 100%. Didn't try loading into a match because I was worried this would persist and potentially burn out my card.

    Does not occur with any other game, even other much more graphically intensive ones.

    Edit: Tried playing 1 match and my frames kept dropping to below 20 FPS. Goes from above 80 to below 20, jumping back and forth since GPU usage is maxed out. Game is quite literally unplayable. Gonna have to skip out on playing this game until the next update and see if anything changes, yet again.

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