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Who can I contact regarding Claire's change?

AnniehereAnniehere Member Posts: 1,152
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I want to admit that I am not 100% satisfied with my purchase since her release.

A large number of disappointed fans who are asking for a change for her, should rise the attention of your team members to talk about it.

At the moment it's not a minor thing like the size of her shoes, but her face. we have to maintain the integrity of this character.

If this topic can not reach the social media, can we get an answer in the forum?

If it is not possible to give detailed information as to why she was released in this way, an answer of yes and no can be appreciated too.

A manager, a design team member or anyone else who can give an answer,

Is Claire Redfield about to get a change soon?

You have no idea how much the community will appreciate this communication.

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