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Should survivors be able to ban one killer?



  • BoogeymanBoogeyman Member Posts: 4

    This will not slow queue times if done correctly. The killer is placed into a match no matter who is banned, the survivors won’t choose who to ban until all players are loaded in, at which point the survivors will vote on who to ban, and then the killer picks his/her killer. Of course BHVR will have to include this kind of feature so, it would take a bit more work then just, “banning a killer”. All in all though, it would add some interesting concepts to the game and I’m all for being spontaneous, I agree with this post.

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    And at that point, the Killer lobby-dodges when they can't pick the Killer they want to play.

    I don't lobby-dodge, but if I wanted to play Bubba or Spirit or Nurse, and that Killer got banned; I'd switch lobbies. I'm not about to let MY OPPONENTS decide who I can and cannot play.

    Why do Survivors think they have some sort of divine right to decide who the Killer can play? What's next; Survivors get to pick the Killer's perks?


  • SafetyOffSafetyOff Member Posts: 68

    I agree. Ill take longer queues for it. Some killers like Spirit are broken and unbalanced so since BHVR wont balance them, let us ban them.

  • Viktor1853Viktor1853 Member Posts: 676
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